Bring Home Baby Girl Casper

We are the Casper Family... 
(John, Lauren, and Mareto)

Oh! And our little girl too... 
(she's waiting for us in Ethiopia...)

We brought Mareto home from Ethiopia in February 2011. He has blessed our lives in ways we could have never imagined! His presence makes everything in life just a little bit sweeter. Last fall we decided that Mareto should be a big brother. We decided to join a pilot program in Ghana. We contracted with an agency, completed all the necessary paperwork, and prepared to wait months for a referral while we raised the funds we needed. But then something a little crazy happened. On June 8th we learned about a little girl in Ethiopia. She hadn't been matched with a family. She is tiny and gorgeous. But she has special needs... you see our little girl is missing some fingers and toes... and most of the ones she does have are webbed. 

(special little hands)

Of course that only made her all the more special to us and we fell in love with her. So in a matter of days we left our agency and our pilot program and started all over again. We officially accepted the referral of our sweet girl and found ourselves in a whirlwind of brand new paperwork. We now find ourselves waiting to hear back about our court date and realize that we could be traveling to Ethiopia very soon - much sooner than we had anticipated. 

We will need to take 2 trips to Ethiopia: one for court, and one for embassy (to bring our little girl home). Each trip averages about $5,000 in airline fees, lodging, and food. We need to be able to hop on a plane as soon as we receive word because our little girl NEEDS to get home! Will you help us? 

Our goal is to raise $10,000 in one month! We know that it's possible! 

Will you be a part of the story God has written for our family? Will you consider donating $5 to bring our daughter home? Will you be a part of bringing the fatherless into families? 

We just need 2,000 people to donate $5, or 1,000 people to donate $10... or 500 people to donate $20 OR 100 people to donate $100! Every little bit helps when we all work together to make dreams come true! 

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