Harrison Deem's Homecoming

Hello friends, family and curious onlookers:

We are the Deem Family, and as you can see—we are a completely normal and high- functioning family of 9.  
Our children never bicker. 
Our couches never have sticky unknown food items under the cushions. 
Our laundry never piles up. 
We are not habitually late to soccer games or dance classes.
We are the cool homeschool family. 
 Not the awkward one.
Oh...and we always know what our purpose is in life.


On May 2nd, our 14-year-old son Lincoln, our 13-year-old son Jack, our 10-year-old daughter Kennedy, and I will head to China for about 3 weeks so that we can begin the journey of family with our son, Harrison.

We still have about $10, 000 in travel expenses to come up with. 
And, while we do have creative ideas and plans for liquidating some of our assets
 (Like our cow...anybody want a gentle family milk cow? Or a three-legged dog...heh, just kidding. The dog's not for sale.)
 —we also wanted to invite those with the desire, to help in gathering funds for our son.

If you feel led to donate any amount—thank you!

 If you are flat broke or not led, but can wish us happy thoughts, 
 or could pray for our family as we travel and adjust to life when we get back, 
 or hey, even just wave at us when we drive by —

thank you!

All the best,
Sarah Deem

(Harrison, who must be cleverly disguised with these stars, until we are on our way home.)

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Travel Expense Fundraiser for Harrison Deem's Homecoming

Fundraiser Goal: $10,000.00
Raised So Far: $8,215.00

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