Mission to Korea

I am going to Korea......on a mission trip!  I am stepping out of my usual comfort zone and doing something I have dreamed about since meeting our sweet son one year ago - going back to Korea, the place of his birth and the place that gave me the amazing blessing of him.   I want to serve the families, children and people that helped create our family.  So.......my awesome mom and I have signed up to go on a mission trip to Korea this October!  We will have the opportunity to work with children in foster care and orphanage care, as well as minister to the birth mother's that are being cared for during their pregnancy.  I desperately want to collect donations to give to the children at both Holt Korea and Eastern Social Welfare Services.  I plan to buy many of the things that the children in both foster care and orphanage care need.  I want to fill 1-2 totes or large suitcases with things.  The most commonly needed items are: Rice cereal, diaper creme, body lotion, Gerber Puffs, vitamins, baby/toddler clothing, cleft lip and palate bottles, and maternity clothes.  These are all items that are VERY expensive in Korea and difficult to come by.  Please help me by donating.  I want to come there showing them what this village can do!  Plus, if  you donate, you will have the entertainment of seeing me haul three suitcases and/or totes into, and out of, airports.  This alone is worth a donation!

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