JH's Return to Ethiopia

We adopted and brought JH home from Ethiopia in August 2012 at the wonderful age of 9. Initially, there were many ups and downs as he adjusted and came to terms with many aspects of his story. But he has now settled in quite nicely in his new life in America. We've now realized that, when a child leaves everything they've ever known armed with a fantasy-like view of life in America, they never truly are able to grasp what it all means. The good-byes in those circumstance... the impact of that... really does not heal the child's heart long term. Because of this, we've made a goal to raise $7,000 by June 1, 2016 so that JH and I (Mom) can return to Ethiopia for some healing for his heart. One big goal for our trip is to visit the church where his first mommy was buried and pay honor to her for the beautiful life she created and the gift that she gave us. $7,000 is an estimate... if we raise more than is needed to fund our trip, we will be making a donation of all remaining funds to Fields of Promise, the organization that cared for him in Ethiopia. www.fieldsofpromise.org ... and while I am on the subject, there are still children there who need sponsors!!!! (Little plug there for ya! ;)

THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT! It means so much to our family and to JH!!!!

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JH's Return to Ethiopia for JH's Return to Ethiopia

Fundraiser Goal: $7,000.00
Raised So Far: $790.58

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