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Fundraising is not simply asking others to do what you want to do. Fundraising is an invitation to be a part of a greater work that God is doing in your life and the life of others. It's allowing others the blessing of being a part of a REDEMPTION story! What a gift! Here is a bit about our "redemption" story....

A few years ago, on a routine drive to drop off our youngest son to kindergarten, Chase stated matter-of-factly to me from the backseat of our mini van, "Mom, our family is not complete." We had a little conversation about what he meant by that statement, but he couldn't really tell me in his 6-year old vocabulary. He said that these words were simply the words on his heart to say. Little did we know how right he was back then, as we look forward now to our journey of watching God complete our family through adoption. 

We believe God used our son to plant a seed that day! We have been on a long, 2-year journey since then filled with amazing God-moments, bumps in our calling, changes of direction, growing in our faith, lessons in patience and trust of God's plan for each of us in our family. God has grown our family closer to Him with every step, preparing our hearts and our little one's story in Ethiopia, as we wait to be one day united, as God ordained it to be. We are overjoyed about growing our family through adoption. Conner can't wait to teach him/her to fish. Carson can't wait to teach him/her to play soccer. Chase is excited to show him/her how to play the drums!

We began our journey with a Christian adoption agency in Portland, OR. We felt God's leading in this direction. We began the process with a formal application in December of 2011, filled out the abundance of paperwork, and got onto their wait list in July of 2012 at #146. We were told that because we want an older child of either gender between the ages of 2 and 6, that our wait wouldn't be long. We were making progress, but then, in October of 2012, we received an email from our adoption agency that stated our wait may become much longer due to a slow down in the region of Ethiopia from which they match children to their wait list families. Our wait would go from 1 year to 3-4 years. We began to feel a nudge from God also at that time that we weren't where we were supposed to be. We would get conflicting information from our adoption agency about where our paperwork was, what our new wait time would be more specifically, what would happen if we pulled out of our contract, etc. We weren't feeling comfortable anymore at this agency, and we were feeling a strong pull from God to change direction. It was becoming increasingly clear to us through conversations we would have with people around us and with friends, sermons we heard at church and at friends' churches, daily devotionals with timely scriptures, etc. that God was prompting us to go with a new adoption agency. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done. It was a costly move, to say the least.

We feel very blessed to be with our new agency! We have great peace about being a part of this organization, through which we are going to meet one of the loves of our lives :) Our dossier reached Ethiopian soil on March 27, 2012 - a little piece of our hearts reached Ethiopia, too! Less than a month later, God blessed us with a referral for a sweet, little doe-eyed boy named Ashagre. A hundred times, YES, we accepted his referral, and our whole family is so excited to bring him home!!! Our cups runneth over with God's amazing love, grace, mercy, control and perfect timing in ALL things. He has dazzled us this last 2 years as we journeyed to that day where we got to see our son's face for the first time. Ashagre is the most beautiful sight - a child of God and an orphan no more!

We have been able to save the money to pay these expenses so far (even with the fact that we have essentially paid for 2 adoptions), but we are hoping to raise $10,000 to cover our traveling expenses. JJ and I have to travel to Ethiopia 2 times. Each trip costs approximately $5,000+. We are asking you to please consider giving us a donation of $10 or more to help us reach our traveling expense goal of at least $10,000. 

PLEASE HELP US TO RAISE $10,000 TO TRAVEL TO ETHIOPIA TO BRING ASHAGRE HOME!!! Also, please keep our family in your prayers, as we move closer each day to becoming the family God ordained us to be :) You can also stay connected to our adoption journey through our blog: holwerdahappenings.blogspot.com!  

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