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About Chosen by the Father

Chosen by the Father has been set up as a way to bring home our African child(ren).

$10 for 10 teeny tiny toes Details

This Is Our Family


Life is sweet. Three precious kids and a dog… yet we aren’t complete.


How did our story unfold?


He saw her (across the room in OSU’s Astronomy 101). 

She saw him (in the DG kitchen).

They fall in love. And wed.



After six years of marriage comes parenthood…..



Their family grows and before you know it, the giggling of three little kiddos fills the house. 

They hope for another little bundle of joy...


And it’s at this point that God reveals He has a bit different plan for us.


It’s at this point that ADOPTION enters the scene.

It is here that God challenged us to follow him…..




So there you have it.

Our ever expanding family will grow by one or two more… this time however, our child(ren) will come home from Africa.  A baby or siblings, we shall see whom our Heavenly Father has chosen for us!




The answer is simple.

one number...

163 Million

(the number of orphans in the world)

one reason...


(He adopted us)

one response...



We read this verse,


Don’t excuse yourself by saying, “Look, we didn’t know.”

For God understands all hearts, and he sees you.

He who guards your soul knows you knew.

He will repay all people as their actions deserve.

Proverbs 24:12


We saw the need in their eyes.  Then, our eyes were forever opened.

Now, we are held responsible to act.


As Christians, we are commanded to care for the orphans.


Learn to do right; seek justice.

Defend the oppressed.

Take up the cause of the fatherless;

plead the case of the widow. Isaiah 1:17


For some, that looks like adopting a child or two.

For others, that looks like sponsorship, raising awareness, foster care, or helping others do those things.


Adoption comes at a cost.

Emotional, relational, financial, there are many ways this journey will affect our family and our lives.


Do we think we can change the world?  No.

We can bring hope, love, and a home, a place to belong and be cherished…

We can change one child’s world.

(maybe even two!)


With your help.


We believe God will faithfully provide every single penny needed to follow His calling.


We need around $30,000

(yep, this adoption journey is expensive!)

That’s a whole lot of extra odd jobs, craigslist posts and fundraising—

 overwhelming to say the least.

But, as John Heywood said “Many hands make light work!”

Just imagine, if 300 people donate $100 each, we reach our goal just like that!!!

But, we realize not everyone is up for donating $100…


**Enter the $10 for 10 teeny tiny toes campaign**

Step 1:

As many family and friends as possible donate $10 bucks

—everybody has $10 right?

They generously give $10 (or more) and then they help us do something we can’t do on our own---reach others by spreading the word.


Step 2:

Ask 10 others to give also.

(This part is CRUCIAL. The fundraiser is a dead end if we skip this step.)

We have a limited circle of influence. If 100 of our kinfolk donate $10, that equals $1,000. Splendid!!

But, if 100 people give $10 AND spread the word to 10 more people and THEY give $10---bam! $10,000 is raised!!


Step 3:

Take 10 seconds to pray.

A blessing of protection over our little one(s),

for health,

and for them to come home smoothly and quickly.


So will you join us??


$10, 10 people, 10 seconds of prayer


10 Teeny Tiny Toes!



You can donate below


Please share our link http://www.acharityproject.com/c/ChosenbytheFather

on Facebook, blogs, email,

word of mouth…..pass it on!!!

Follow our journey at http://chosenbythefather.wordpress.com/

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Days Left to Give

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Fundraiser ended on 7/4/2015.

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Name Gift Date Amount Comment
Adam & Amber Stutzman 9/8/2012 $100.00 We love you guys and are SO proud of you for walking this journey! We are so blessed that God brought you into our lives. Can't wait to see who He brings to add to your family! Here is $10 from ALL of us! :-)
Anonymous 9/9/2012 $60.00 We will begin praying for this new addition/ additions to your family. You are making all the difference in the world for those ten tiny toes and its so exciting that he/she will soon have a mommy, daddy and siblings to love and be loved by. So excited to see God's work unfold! $10 from each of the Barrams =)
Laine Latimer 9/9/2012 $10.00
Alex White 9/9/2012 $10.00
Logan and Erica Martin 9/9/2012 $20.00 Praying for your growing family! Blessings, Smiths!
Anonymous 9/10/2012 $10.00 Praising God and praying for your family and the little one(s) He has for you!
stephanie gudmundawn 9/10/2012 $10.00 We have several friends going through the adoption process....praying all goes well!
Anonymous 9/10/2012 $100.00 Excited to be with you on this new, life changing journey.
Anonymous 9/10/2012 $20.00 Love you, believe in you, excited for you. Praying for your babies! --cz
Anonymous 9/10/2012 $10.00
Rochelle Farris 9/11/2012 $30.00 When we adopted I didn't even consider asking others to join us in our journey....now I realize we missed out. Not only on seeing the blessings from friends and family...but being able to bless others who have a heart for orphans...but are not in a place to adopt themselves. This opportunity gives them that option...to help and fulfill God's call in their own lives in this area! Love it Kristina! Best wishes to you as you go through this journey. It's a long one...but well worth it!!!
Andrew and Halie Goffrier 9/13/2012 $20.00 We will be praying for your journey!
Grandpa and Grandma Garrett 9/14/2012 $100.00
Troy, Tara, Macy and Addison Witt 10/3/2012 $100.00 What an amazing journey you are together- some child(ren) are going to be so fortunate to be welcomed into your family.
Anonymous 10/4/2012 $10.00 Blessings from a friend of Tara and Troy Witt
Susan and Kevin Neadeau 10/10/2012 $10.00
Anonymous 10/22/2012 $500.00 We are so excited for your journey and look forward to seeing how God blesses you and these children.