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We are on a journey in which we nearing our destination.  We are in the process of adopting two girls from Eastern Europe...Latvia precisely.  We have completed all of our paperwork, made our first trip overseas, and are waiting on our 2nd court date to arrive.  In Latvia, families are required to make 3 trips total.  The first is a 2-3 week bonding period in which the children are allowed to live with the adoptive parents while in country.  We spent 14 days in Liepaja, and 5 more in Riga.  During this time, we were able to meet the foster family, spend time with the girls friends, go to church with them (they attend a Baptist church), and see all of the places where they grew up and lived.  One of the wonderful things about adopting from Latvia is that the children get to come back to America with the family while all of the paperwork is being completed.  We flew home with the girls on June 1 and have enjoyed a wonderful summer getting to know them better.  Now, we are preparing for our 2nd trip, in which the adoption will be finalized.  After a 20 day waiting period, we can return to Latvia to complete the girls immigration.  They will become American citizens as soon as we land in America sometime in November! 
So, why a fundraiser page?  International adoption is not cheap.  One of the single biggest expenses is the airfare.  On the first trip, both parents are required to go.  On trips 2 and 3, only one parent is required, but any child over 12 must return to court.  So, our first trip was 2 round trip tickets and 2 one-way tickets.  Second and third trips will be 3 round trip tickets each.  At an average of $1400 a ticket...that's a LOT of money. 
It has been humbling to ask for money from friends and family.  We can't do this on our own, especially with our son starting his 2nd year of college and moving to Nashville.  But, we entered this journey with a vision and a promise.  Things that we never thought would happen have come to pass.  I was given a promise that 'my Daddy owns the cattle on a thousand hills'...this is a scripture out of Psalm 50:10.  He has not failed us yet.  We have learned in this adventure that our security is not in money earned from this world, but in trusting and doing what God has instructed, when He has instructed, and how He has instructed.  I'm not a believer in coincidence, especially when He confirms His promise over and over!  We have sown into other families adoption journeys, and they have sown into ours.  We have been blessed to know we have had a small part in helping to bring several children home.  The Word says that the Lord loves a cheerful giver...I have had great joy knowing my extra few dollars have helped another family reach their goal.  To see the donations come in is exciting, whether you are the one giving or the one receiving!  Knowing that God is speaking to hearts all over the USA (and in some cases, around the world), uniting us for a common purpose, to take one more child out of rejection and into adoption, is awesome to watch!  
We have been blessed beyond measure to bring these girls into our family.  Will you help us bring these girls to their forever family; to know the love of a mom and dad; to have a hope and a future?  You will be blessed!  

7K in 7 weeks! Details

On October 5, 2012, we will begin our 2nd trip to Latvia to complete the adoption phase of our journey.  We need 3 round trip tickets plus the 2nd half of the in-country fees prior to leaving!  That gives us 7 weeks to raise $7000!  It sounds like a lot...almost impossible!  But this is where God steps in!  In 7 days, He created the universe and even had a day to rest!  What can He accomplish in 7 weeks?  Just watch!!!!! 
We will also be bidding for
 some Julia Hess Cookie Creations on my Event Page on Facebook!  For those who don't know, Julia and Joe were the first to host Lera and her sister.  Julia is a master cookie creator and she has agreed to bake up a couple of batches of cookies to ship to the highest bidder!  Your taste buds won't be disappointed!!!!!  So watch for the announcement on Facebook!!!- Winner- TJ Weeden!

9/2/12 - Ok, Isaac slightly interrupted our fundraiser since we are located in 'the land mass between New Orleans and Mobile'.  We now only have just over 4 weeks before we fly to Latvia!  We are stalled in fundraising but God is showing me to just hold tight.  This week, the girls found a box of change that I have been collecting over the years.  They started looking around and found a little more change here and there.  They washed it all, put it in a container and we took it to CoinStar to cash it in.  It ended up being over $62!!!  Then, I got a whole bunch of coupons for Kroger, which took about $25 off my weekly food costs!  The girls were mortified that I was using coupons!!!  They said only poor people use them in Latvia.  I told them one day I hope to be an extreme couponer (I was just joking, but you should have seen the look on their faces!!!- it was priceless!)...  So, we continue to seek help in finishing this adoption.  We are planning a garage sale on Sept 22nd so if anyone wants to donate, let me know and we will come pick up items.  Thanks to all who have supported us financially and through prayer!  All is appreciated!!!!!

Cash donations totaling $242 have been pledged or received...plus, our first donation to our garage sale- a working riding lawn mower!!!  Thanks to all who donated.  We raised $860 in our garage sale/online sales.  Wow!  So even though our fundraiser total doesn't reflect it, we are fully funded on 1 ticket and working on paying down the 2nd!!!!

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Robert Walker 8/21/2012 $200.00 I will do whatever you need to get these precious girls here permanently!
Wendy Lee 8/24/2012 $40.00
Bill Coberly 9/6/2012 $50.00 Good for you
Mary Shedd 9/15/2012 $100.00 Love you Charlotte, Mark, Lera and Rita!!!!!!! Praise God for what He has done!!!
Rachel Beck 9/24/2012 $60.00