$7 for our 7th For Heaven Sent Seven

About Heaven Sent Seven

Heaven Sent Seven has been set up as a way to help bring our 7th child home--a baby  boy--from Ethiopia!

$7 for our 7th Details

This Is Our Family

Yeah, it’s a little more than the average 2.5 kids and a dog.

So how’d we get here???

Well, it all started out pretty simply.

Boy meets Girl….they fall in love

Take the plunge into parenthood…..

Their family grows and before you know it, the pitter patter of three little kiddos filled the house.

And it’s at this point that the story takes a little detour from the “American Dream”

It’s at this point that ADOPTION entered the scene.

It is here that God challenged us to follow him…..


So there you have it.  

Our ever expanding family will soon grow by one more as we prepare to welcome our seventh child-a baby boy-home from Ethiopia.


Why would anyone do that you might ask?  Certainly we have our “hands full” with six kids--as onlookers so often point out.

The answer is simple.

one number...

163 Million 

(the number of orphans in the world)

one reason...


(our adoptive father-he did it for us)

one response...


If you say, “But we knew nothing about this,” 
   does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? 
Does not he who guards your life know it? 
   Will he not repay everyone according to what they have done? 
Proverbs 24:12

 Our eyes are open. 

 We are held responsible to act.

And as Christians, we are commanded to care for the orphans.

Learn to do right; seek justice. 
   Defend the oppressed. 
Take up the cause of the fatherless; 
   plead the case of the widow. Isaiah 1:17 

For some, that looks like adopting a child or two (or three or four :-)

For others, that looks like sponsorship, raising awareness, foster care, or helping others do those things.

Did you know that if just 7% of Christians adopted one child, there would be no orphans in the world?

So why isn't that happening?

Well, this whole adoption thing, it comes at a cost.  

We know that.  

After all, Christ paid the ultimate price on the cross so that we might be adopted as His children.

Earthly adoption is no different. 

It’s expensive.

There’s no way around that.

Money (or "lack of") is one of the top reasons given for not adopting.

If we let how much money we had "saved up" for adoption be our guide, none of our adoptions would have happened.

We've NEVER had all the money that we needed to adopt when we said "yes" to our children--not once. 

Each time, we've been called to blindly trust God--and this time is no different.

God has ALWAYS been faithful to provide every single penny that we've ever needed to bring our kids home.

It's just how His economy works.  

We trust and obey.

He provides.

And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Phillipians 4:19

We fully trust that God is in control of this adoption and has every detail worked out.  We know He has a plan in fact because ours has essentially been derailed.  We thought that we had every detail worked out and wouldn't be relying on fundraising this time around, but the storms of life have blown in with great force ever since we said "yes" to bringing our seventh child home.  

Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.  James 1:2-3

With thousands of dollars in unexpected medical and dental expenses (litterally enough for our plane tickets to Ethiopia a few times over) and thousands in unexpected vehicle repairs along with a barrage of minor annoyances that have depleted what we thought was our "adoption fund," we are humbly trusting that His plan is better than our own (and of course we know that it is) and that through this campaign, He will provide.

And so, with your help, we persevere knowing our sweet little one awaits us and that this is for the Lord's glory.

So, here’s how it works.

We still need an additional $10,000

(we told you this adoption thing was expensive)

That’s a whole lot of fundraising--and pretty overwhelming to say the least.

But, let’s break it down:  if 100 people donate $100 each, we reach our goal just like that!!! (can we just tell you how AWESOME, INCREDIBLE, UNBELIEVABLE that would be).

But, we realize not everyone is up for donating $100…

**Enter the $7 for our seventh campaign**

We ask as many of our nearest and dearest family and friends as possible to donate $7 bucks—everybody has $7 right?

They generously give $7 (or more) and then they help us do something we can’t do on our own---reach others by spreading the word.

Now, this part is KEY.  The fundraiser is a dead end if we skip this step.  We have a limited circle of influence.  Say 100 of you who are reading this donate $7. That equals $700.  Awesome!!

But look what happens if those 100 people give $7 AND spread the word to 10 more people (people that we probably would never come into contact with) and THEY give $7---just like that, $7700 is raised!!

It sounds simple enough right?? And it is.  As you see, when we all give a little, it adds up to a lot and it will make the world of difference for one tiny baby that waits across the world for his family.

(our son Eli Tesfa-taken in August on our court trip-praying him home very soon)

In the words of Mother Teresa, “We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”

So will you join us??

Help be a part of our “small thing” done with “great love” as we work to bring our sweet baby home.

 You can donate below

 and please share our link http://www.acharityproject.com/f/7forour7th  on Facebook, blogs, email, 

word of mouth…..pass it on!!!

Follow our journey at http://steadfastminds-ethiopia.blogspot.com

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Days Left to Give

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Fundraiser ended on 10/31/2012.

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Donations To $7 for our 7th

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Name Gift Date Amount Comment
Amanda S 3/14/2012 $49.00 7 times 7 Can't wait to watch how God this....He is so cool
Devin Qureshi 3/14/2012 $25.00
Anonymous 3/14/2012 $28.00
Leslie Pearson 3/14/2012 $7.00
Jennifer Wooten 3/14/2012 $7.00
Michael Crippin 3/15/2012 $10.00 Love what you are doing! You are proclaiming the Gospel and making Gods name famous through your obedience. I will Pray for you and your Family.
Paul & Nicole Lesley 3/15/2012 $200.00 We love you guys and we are so proud of what God is doing in you and through you!
Emily Neuberger 3/15/2012 $20.00
Sara 3/15/2012 $7.00
Anonymous 3/15/2012 $77.00 thank you for your obedience. praising God for His redemptive work through your precious family.
Anonymous 3/15/2012 $260.00
Drake Family 3/15/2012 $520.00 Love you!
Kristin 3/15/2012 $7.00
Heather Young 3/15/2012 $7.00 Your story is awesome. I hope to adopt someday as well. Keep up the faith!
Lauren Faul 3/15/2012 $7.00 A beautiful thing...
Anonymous 3/15/2012 $100.00
Stephanie 3/15/2012 $49.00 you are amazing! i pray you meet your goal soon!!
Anonymous 3/15/2012 $10.00
Jessica 3/15/2012 $7.00 Praying you reach your goal!
Staci Tate 3/15/2012 $7.00 Praying for you :)
Tammi Altman 3/15/2012 $10.00 God Bless!
allison reynolds 3/15/2012 $7.00 Many blessings!!!!
Melissa Waldrum 3/15/2012 $7.00 Bless you guys!
Anonymous 3/15/2012 $100.00 Can't wait to hold this little miracle!
Teri Williams 3/15/2012 $20.00 God bless you!
Anonymous 3/15/2012 $7.00
Kim and Jim Lummus 3/15/2012 $15.00
Ann Page 3/15/2012 $10.00 I admire your love and hearts so much. I don't know you, but I can appreciate the love and compassion that your family so honestly shares. While my family continues to pray on whether adoption is right for us, I am happy to support another on their path. God Bless and bring your "7th" home!
Anonymous 3/15/2012 $7.00
Anonymous 3/15/2012 $7.00
Lauren 3/15/2012 $10.00
Cherie DePriest 3/16/2012 $100.00
Marge Altman 3/16/2012 $35.00 You people are great!
Teresa Folmar 3/16/2012 $25.00
Tracy Eckhoff 3/16/2012 $49.00 Beautiful Story. God Bless!
Marilyn 3/16/2012 $7.00 We are also raising funds for adoption. Praying that God continues to bless your efforts!
g price 3/16/2012 $7.00
Greg and Bridget Gillespie 3/16/2012 $50.00 We are praying for you as you prepare to bring your sweet baby boy home
Tim and Lisa DeBoom 3/16/2012 $14.00 Praying for you guys! Thanks for being such a wonderful example of God's love to so many.
Anonymous 3/16/2012 $10.00 God Bless you and your Family!
Tiffanie Hage 3/16/2012 $7.00 God Bless your quiver!!!
Anonymous 3/16/2012 $100.00
Jennifer Weiner 3/16/2012 $7.00 I am an adoptive mom too I have a seven year old from Guatemala and then surprise I was blessed with a biological baby boy too who is now sixteen months. We are blessed.
Stephanie Stoccardo 3/16/2012 $7.00 My nephew is adopted and such a blessing to our family.
Amy McGrath 3/16/2012 $100.00
Anonymous 3/18/2012 $25.00
Hellen Crescenti 3/18/2012 $14.00 Praying for y'all!
Jon & Amy G 3/19/2012 $50.00 So glad you are answering God's call!
Ted & Courtney Moyer 3/19/2012 $25.00
Anonymous 3/19/2012 $14.00
Lacey Bertram 3/19/2012 $7.00 We love adoption and love your family. We are parents to Mamush from IAG. Thanks for being an ispiration to all.
Anonymous 3/19/2012 $7.00
Ann Schafer 3/19/2012 $100.00 I don't know you...but you are family in Christ and I'm honored to support what you are doing.
Anonymous 3/19/2012 $7.00 Look at the work God can do in just 7 days :) Isn't the first time either.
Anonymous 3/19/2012 $7.00
meika gerst 3/19/2012 $20.00 I read your blog through my sister-in-law's blog! Praise God for the orphans you have helped! You guys have a neat story! Hope you new little gets to come home soon!
Anna Lokey 3/19/2012 $7.00 I shared it on FB. Believing for an incredible response
Seth Beer 3/19/2012 $7.00 Praise God from Whom ALL Blessings Flow!
Stephanie Scott 3/19/2012 $10.00 Can't wait for your little boy to come home!
Janet Crow 3/19/2012 $50.00 Praying for God's guidance for you all.
Mindy Hodge 3/19/2012 $28.00 I donated 7.00 on behalf of each of my four children. Blessings as you are the hands and feet of Christ.
Carissa Schlipf 3/20/2012 $14.00
Jenny Rice 3/20/2012 $7.00 I will place this on my FB and will be praying with you. I believe this is just the beginning of great opportunities for you.
Sarina Rose 3/20/2012 $7.00
Joe and Leah Warren 3/20/2012 $777.77 Seven! :) We love you!
Anonymous 3/20/2012 $7.00
Anonymous 3/21/2012 $7.00
Jenny Scholten 3/21/2012 $20.00 Praise the Lord for people like you... may this goal be reached quickly and overwhelmingly :)
Michele 3/21/2012 $7.00
Marybeth Mckenna 3/21/2012 $7.00
Lily Evans 3/21/2012 $7.00 Keep trusting in God's will and the mountains will continue to move. May the blessings pour down like rain!
Anonymous 3/21/2012 $49.00 We love the idea for 7 x 7.
Jamie Flaniken 3/22/2012 $7.00 May God bring him home to you soon!
Bracken Family 3/22/2012 $35.00 $7 for Travis, Robin, Marla, Case and our little girl who waits!!!! Thank you for the inspiration. Your life is a true example of CHRIST!
Kay & Anthony Carbon 3/22/2012 $77.77 Inspiring...Praying God will provide!
Ryan and Lisa Edgar 3/22/2012 $100.00
Anna Searcy 3/23/2012 $25.00 Can't wait to to see you in orlando. Your story is so about Jesus in you! Love, Anna (Neely's Mom)
Chris DeBaggis 3/23/2012 $7.00 Friends from Vine Ripe Kids!
Deborah Goergen 3/23/2012 $50.00 Best wishes to Jessica and Nick and their family. Much love, The Goergens
Anonymous 3/29/2012 $10.00 Blessings!
Anonymous 3/30/2012 $7.77 What a great idea! We are traveling this path alongside you as we fundraise to adopt our fourth child from Ukraine. Your story was so moving and is nearly ours with the 3 bio kids and now on the path to adopt. It is tempting to hold onto every penny because we need it for our venture....but I wanted to let you know we support you! It is AWESOME to see God moving in so many families to adopt! Many blessings!
Anonymous 3/30/2012 $355.00 So thankful for what you are doing and very thankful to be able to support you. Prayers!
Emily & Tom Dillard 3/30/2012 $100.00 Thank you for your faith lived out. God bless you on this journey!
Emily Shifferly 3/31/2012 $35.00
Anonymous 4/2/2012 $25.00 May God bless your family as you step out in faith to follow His command for your life trusting in His provisions.
Rewina, Mulat and Letemeskel's family Nichols 4/2/2012 $20.00 Good luck in your continued journey.
Anonymous 4/2/2012 $100.00 God bless you and your family
Kimberly Barbosa 4/3/2012 $14.00
Kim, Tony, Jaxson Ricciardo 4/3/2012 $21.00
Anonymous 4/3/2012 $250.00 God's blessings are given so that we may be a blessing. I hope this is a blessing to your family. Yay for #7!!
Kate L. 4/3/2012 $14.00 I've been following your story for some time. You are doing important work!
Amanda Creamer 4/3/2012 $7.00 Praying for you and your family!
Anonymous 4/3/2012 $60.00 I can't remember how I found your blog, but I know it was God-led. Yours and many others have helped to open my eyes and plant a seed in my heart towards orphans and international adoption. I am going to Ethiopia on a mission trip this summer, my decision to go was solidified after reading Red Letters(which I learned about from your blog). I pray one day adoption will also be a part of our family's journey. I just wanted you to know what an impact your blog has had! Thank you so much, and God Bless.
Gabe & Anna Leavitt 4/4/2012 $50.00 So encouraged by the way you live your lives sold out for Jesus. Thankful He let our paths cross.
Anonymous 4/4/2012 $50.00
Dave Carey 4/4/2012 $14.00 Happy to help! Love, The Carey Family
Mike and Yvonne Phillips 4/4/2012 $10.00 We love your family and can't wait to meet the newest member!
Danielle Barreto 4/4/2012 $25.00
Nancy Adare 4/5/2012 $10.00 Hope this brings the money you need to bring a new baby home!! Blessings and hope, Nan
A. Carol 4/5/2012 $50.00
Anonymous 4/5/2012 $50.00
Cooke Family 4/6/2012 $25.00
Laura&Scott Cook 4/6/2012 $7.00 Thank you for being obedient and encouraging as all to do the same through your actions. :)
Sarah Sutherland 4/7/2012 $100.00 These are lives laid down for Christ!
Mary Rose 4/9/2012 $20.00 It is so great that you open your lives to these kids. I look forward to meeting you soon to be newest addition to the Irvin family.
Chris & Becky Mayberry 4/10/2012 $50.00 Love being able to keep up with you guys through the blog...can't wait to see when you bring the little guy home!
Jill Hirst 4/10/2012 $21.00 LOVE what you and your husband are doing. My husband and I along with our 5 children are awaiting the adoption of our 2 children from Ghana. Thanks for inspiring so many :)
Darling Murray 4/10/2012 $120.00 I got this email from a friend who got this from a friend and I am soooooooooooo glad that I clicked on the link and saw that it was you guys!!! I knew you were an incredible family, but getting to learn more about your story has been beautiful and I am honored to get to play a small part in helping bring home #7 (I wish I could pay for the whole thing!) I'm praying for your entire family tonight and will do my best to spread the word!!!
Christopher Randazzo 4/11/2012 $7.00 I don't know what to say other than I'm really excited that y'all are adopting these kids, and I think it's really cool. People have helped me financially do great things, and if I can help (even in a small way), I'm super excited about it! Godspeed. Oh, and if its a boy, Castor is a cool name! Oh Oh... and Darling Murray (I think you know) forwarding me this link and email (who got it from Sherri, who got it from a friend who got it from a friend who got it from a friend... so I guess the plan is working, right? I'm like 6 email away, and I didn't even know y'all existed, and here y'all go to Summit, my church. How cool! God is working is crazy ways!
Michael Murray 4/11/2012 $10.00 Bring home your 7th child soon... BCL is waiting for them!!! :)
Danny Meuninck 4/11/2012 $7.00
Anonymous 4/11/2012 $100.00
Scott Faber 4/11/2012 $10.00
Mia Grant 4/11/2012 $10.00 I love what God is leading you to do. You inspire me to walk fearlessly into the unknown. Love that you are in my church family. Love THAT you are in my Christ family. Hope to meet you all one day!
Anonymous 4/11/2012 $7.00
Anonymous 4/12/2012 $28.00 $7 for each member of our family :) From ours to yours--we can't wait to meet your little guy!
Wendy Bamford 4/12/2012 $7.00
sara graham 4/12/2012 $7.00 Good luck! You are AWESOME!!!
Anonymous 4/12/2012 $50.00
Anonymous 4/13/2012 $50.00 In the past couple years, I've been blessed to meet five of your children at Foothills. You are an inspiration to me; thanks for being the family you are. You all are in my prayers!
Marie Murray 4/13/2012 $7.00
Anne & Chris Storms 4/13/2012 $50.00
Jo and Bill Harris 4/14/2012 $300.00 You two are doing such a wonderful thing! We love seeing your family and all of those beautiful smiles at the baseball fields. God bless your wonderful family.
Kim Kaminer 4/14/2012 $50.00 The love that your family exudes is infectious! You are so lucky to have such beautiful children, inside and out! God bless you all!! :)
Chelsey Welwood 4/15/2012 $7.00 Praying for amazing financial blessing on you guys!
Priscilla King 4/16/2012 $10.00
Joshua Keck 4/17/2012 $7.00 I think that what you're doing is awesome!
Anonymous 4/17/2012 $7.00 Praying for you!
Anonymous 4/17/2012 $100.00
Anonymous 4/18/2012 $20.00
Anonymous 4/18/2012 $10.00
Karen Whiddon 4/18/2012 $50.00 Blessings to all of you as you wait to bring home your little boy.
Anonymous 4/18/2012 $7.00 Best wishes to you and your family! Children are a blessing!
Kim & Keith 4/18/2012 $7.00 In honor of our own blessings from God ?
Anonymous 4/18/2012 $10.00 Beautiful story of witness and trust. Blessings :)
Laura Rauch 4/18/2012 $7.00 Good Luck!!!!
Carol Van Boening 4/18/2012 $20.00 I was a foster mother for 30 years. We adopted 1 child making us 4 children. My daughter adopted a baby girl from Kazakhstan ion 2006. We are believers in adoption. God bless you!
Anonymous 4/21/2012 $7.00 Our God is an AWESOME God!!
Anonymous 4/22/2012 $35.00 God will do mighty things through you all! What an encouragement!
Anonymous 4/22/2012 $264.00
Nathan and Oleva 4/22/2012 $20.00
Royce and Ellen Walsh 4/22/2012 $28.00
Anonymous 4/26/2012 $107.00 I really admire your story! I am donating this money as my first step of honoring God's calling to reach out to orphans. Maybe adoption will be part of my story one day, too... God Bless you on your journey!!!
Anonymous 4/27/2012 $70.00
JJ, Brad, and the kids Roberson 4/27/2012 $49.00 I'm excited that we'll actually get to meet him. Only a few more months and we'll meet you ALL in person, finally.
Jeff McLaughlin 4/30/2012 $7.00 Praying for multiplication of this gift today in NOBTS Spiritual Formation II.
Gina McReynolds 4/30/2012 $40.92
Heidi 5/7/2012 $7.00
Denise smith 5/14/2012 $25.00 We love you and praying Gods richest blessings on you!
Kelly Emerick 5/24/2012 $15.00
Anna 5/24/2012 $7.00
pam h 6/1/2012 $100.00
Anonymous 6/3/2012 $7.00
Amber 6/3/2012 $7.00 Your video of your first adoption journey was one of the very first I saw when I decided to adopt from DRC and you inspired me to move Thank you and I'm sending out prayers for your family!
Shannon Jensen 6/21/2012 $7.00 Thank you for sharing your story. More importantly, thank you for obeying what Ogden has called you to do. Many blessings to your family.
Anonymous 7/8/2012 $213.00
Donna Garrett 9/4/2012 $7.00 Congratulations, and thank you for opening your home & hearts and for doing Gods work. Your family is BEAUTIFUL...I hope #7 will be home soon....very soon! I'm on disability so I can only give $7. since I donate to ASPCA and take care of my neighborhood cats & dogs, along wih buying good used kids clothes for a couple of less fortunate families I know. So I wish I could give more. However, I did want to help, and yes, I will pass your project on to others. Good Luck & God Bless!
Anonymous 9/26/2012 $7.00 God bless you!