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A MIRACLE is defined as an unusual or wonderful event that is believed to be caused by the power of God.

Help bring this precious two year old little girl home from Ethiopia!

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Ok, first of all let me just say that fundraising is HARD.  Nobody really likes to ask for help, particularly when it involves asking for money.  Over the past 7 years, I've had to put my pride aside in order to obey God and speak up on behalf of orphaned and vulnerable children and women in Ethiopia and sometimes that meant fundraising for our adoptions and mission trips.  God called my heart to Ethiopia and it is now my honor and privelege to raise money for causes that benefit these beautiful people. I have seen God do absolutely amazing and seemingly impossible things when we all join together to make a difference.


I will also tell you that it is way easier to raise money when you aren't raising it for yourself!  

Sometimes in life we are given the opportunity to be a part of something that is bigger than ourselves, 
the opportunity to be a part of a miracle.

MIRACLE is defined as an unusual or wonderful event that is believed to be caused by the power of God.

This is your time to be a part of a miracle in the making!

Meet my amazing friends Travis and Robin.

                                                                        (Travis and Robin on the left, me and my husband on the right )

They are in need of a miracle....a wonderful and unusual event that only God can provide for.

These dear friends of mine have stepped out and answered God's call on their lives to care for orphaned and vulnerable children.  They live that out daily. Travis and Robin are youth leaders at their church, Robin teaches at an at risk elementary school and together they are sponsorship coordinators to 150 kids in Ethiopia. They have also fostered three children and as of this morning, they have said YES to bringing a PRECIOUS two year old little girl into their family through Ethiopian adoption.

Here's a little back story.  Travis and Robin have felt led to adopt a child from Ethiopia since February 2012.  They started the process shortly after that and lets just say it has been quite the roller coaster ride.  They have experienced loss upon loss during this journey.  

First, they were matched with a little girl named Melat.  

However, in April of 2013 they found out that a relative had come back to raise her, a happy reunion for this child, 
but a painful loss for Travis and Robin.  

They were again matched with a child for adoption named Mulunesh.  

In February 2014, through a string of pretty difficult and unfortunate circumstances, our frineds learned that the little girl they were in the process of adopting had been moved from the care center she was in and the agency they were working with had been closed.  This was very alarming news to receive via email. The way they saw it, they had a very small window to locate her and determine their course of action.  So they did what any logical person would do, they called me and asked me to go with them to find their little girl in Ethiopia.

Well, we did find her.  Meet Mulunesh.

But despite all of their efforts to bring this sweet girl home, the adoption was not able to be completed and they had to leave the 
little girl that they loved as their own behind.

Oh the heartbreak.......

But God!

We were hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair. 
2 Corinthians 4:8-9

He had a bigger purpose.

He works all things together for our good (Romans 8:28).

God used this trip to light a passion in Travis and Robin to love and serve the children of Ethiopia and they and their church are now partners with Children's HopeChest working to serve 150 vulnerable children in Ethiopia through sponsorship.  So while one child was lost, 150 were found and now the hope of Jesus, is being shown to these children.  

All because Travis and Robin said YES.

God began to stir their hearts again this year towards adopting from Ethiopia. 

Can you imagine what a scary thought this must have been for them???

But Travis and Robin love God and trust Him.

And so today they have said YES again.  This time to this most precious baby girl.

They can't show her face or reveal her name until, God willing, she is legally their child.

But what I can tell you is that her name in her native language means 


What a beautiful and perfectly appropriate name for this child!

And now here's where you come in.  Here's where you get to be a part of a miracle, part of her STORY.

Adoption is expensive. 

 It just is.  

Finances are one of the biggest road blocks that stop people from adopting. 

Travis and Robin used their savings, they currently have Travis' truck, their golf cart and their jet skis listed for sale to pay these adoption fees (anybody looking to buy a truck???).  They have paid the cost of adoption twice, but have yet to come home with a child.  They have lost thousands upon thousands through no fault of their own.

Additonally, they have just paid fees for an upcoming misison trip to Ethiopia of over $7000 to serve with the kids at their care point.

They need $27,000 to bring this little girl home.

Some may judge and think it irresponsible to set out on an adoption journey without every penny in the bank.

But what I want to challenge you to see is how amazing their faith is that they continue to blindly follow God's plan for their life.

They are trusting God to provide for the needs of this child whom they have committed to.

So here's how it works:

Everyone can be a part of this miracle.


Everyone who reads this post can do 2 things.


First, I'm asking you to be "All in with 10"

Give $10 (or more)

If you are reading this post, I will go out on a limb to say that you have $10 that you can give that you WILL NOT MISS that will LITERALLY change the life of this beautiful little girl who waits across the ocean in an orphange.

You won't miss it, but you can be a part of a life changing miracle!

Then, AND THIS IS KEY, KEY, KEY to the success of this campaign:


Share it on every social media outlet that you have: facebook, instagram, email......AND encourage your friends to GIVE $10 and 

It's that simple.

If you give $10 and 10 friends give $10, you just helped raise $110!

If those 10 friends share and the same thing happens, over $1000 will be raised.

On and on it goes until a little adds up to a lot and this campaign is fully funded.

So Travis and Robin need 2,700 people to give $10 to be able to bring this child home.

I want to challenge you further.

What if you gave $50.  We would only need 
540 people to give $50 to be fully funded.


270 people to give $100

See how easy this is?

I want you to know that my budget is super tight.  We have 8 kids, but I know that every dollar I donate is an investment in a child's life.  I have seen that investment lived out in my home daily through the gift of adoption.

These are my kids, all 8 of them. 

 I'm going to get this thing started by giving $10 for each of the members of our family.

So that's the first $100 down, $26,900 to go.

Who's with me?

Remember, give the $10 (or $100 or $1000) and then SHARE, SHARE, SHARE.

Two people are better than one, for they help each other succeed. 
Ecclesiastes 4:9

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Fundraiser ended on 10/8/2016.

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Name Gift Date Amount Comment
Jessica Irvin 9/23/2016 $100.00 We love you and can't wait to watch this miracle unfold! Love from the Irvin family
Mary Margaret Ray 9/23/2016 $100.00 I love you guys so much! I've seen all y'all have done over the past 5 years that I have been at PCF for others-- now it's our turn to help you bring this baby home! Only $26,800 to go!
Amy Davis 9/23/2016 $50.00 Love you guys,l! Bring that baby home!
Sarah Sherlin 9/23/2016 $100.00 Praying for your amazing family! We love you guys so much and want to help you bring this sweet baby home to tell her story!
Laura and Brian Hamby 9/23/2016 $20.00
Heather and Matt Stancell 9/23/2016 $50.00 We love you! praying already!!
Kevin & Hannah Lockaby 9/23/2016 $30.00
Nicole Hemphill 9/23/2016 $10.00
Travis, Becki and Tanner Owens 9/23/2016 $25.00 We are so excited to watch your journey!!!
Jessica Huggins 9/23/2016 $20.00 I can't wait to see how Jesus is glorified through your story! He is using you all in a mighty way!
Mandi Nalley 9/23/2016 $100.00 Praying for your family. I know I've only known you for about two years, but the love you have shown is overwhelming! Praying for this sweet girl to be home with you soon!
Anonymous 9/24/2016 $30.00 Praying for you guys!
Ashley Stephens 9/24/2016 $10.00
Emily Patterson 9/24/2016 $20.00 I love you Bracken family!
Caleb Esuary 9/24/2016 $20.00
Anonymous 9/24/2016 $5,000.00 *
Brine and Beverly Hawkins 9/24/2016 $100.00 ????
Allie Simmons 9/24/2016 $100.00 I could not be more happy or proud of y'all for your continued service and faith to the Lord!
Megan McLane 9/24/2016 $25.00 Praying!
Anonymous 9/24/2016 $200.00 *
Carl Schuster 9/24/2016 $50.00
Paulette Moses 9/24/2016 $50.00 Love your dedication and heart to help!! Prayers for you and your family as it hopefully grows in love- and number!
Sarina Rose 9/24/2016 $40.00 Jessica is my cousin. I pray everything continues according to God's plan and you are able to bring your baby girl home.
Russ and Tanya Hunter 9/24/2016 $20.00 Praying for you!
Jennie Smith 9/24/2016 $30.00 Praying for you guys and absolutely cannot wait to see what God has in store for you and this precious little girl!
Toni Çhewning 9/24/2016 $50.00
Zane Coats 9/24/2016 $20.00 So inspired by both of you. Praying for God to continue to use you in miraculous ways.
Nate&Kim Smith 9/25/2016 $100.00
Bill and Judy Irvin 9/25/2016 $2,000.00 * We love you and believe in what God is doing in your life!
Angie and Ryan VanGorder 9/25/2016 $50.00 Praying for you! Love and miss you!
Anonymous 9/25/2016 $1,008.00 * "Faith"
Mandy & Jason Ellis 9/25/2016 $50.00
Mark & Sharon Betts 9/25/2016 $100.00
Katie Laughridge 9/25/2016 $10.00 You guys are amazing!!
Anonymous 9/25/2016 $500.00
Ashley Gill 9/25/2016 $25.00 May God continue to bless your growing family!
Corban Lack 9/25/2016 $10.00
Addison Lack 9/25/2016 $10.00
Nicole Lesley 9/25/2016 $100.00 Praying for you guys as you live out the Gospel through adoption! Love, The Lesley Family
Anonymous 9/25/2016 $10.00
Rocky and Melissa Nabors 9/25/2016 $30.00
Marla and Case Bracken 9/26/2016 $23.00 * Big sister and big brother emptied their piggy banks to bring their baby sister home!
Sandi Priddy 9/26/2016 $25.00
Carrie Childers 9/26/2016 $50.00 Adoption is such a beautiful picture of the gospel. So happy you guys have not let the broken plans and dreams stop you fommrom getting right back in. Love you guys.
Lynn Ingle 9/26/2016 $50.00
Loretta English 9/26/2016 $50.00 Robin and Travis--your hearts are huge!!! You are a wonderful example and inspiration to others and especially to this sweet girl!
Carol Statella 9/26/2016 $20.00 ??
Anonymous 9/26/2016 $10.00
Laura and Chris Giguere 9/26/2016 $50.00 You guys are amazing and our God is amazing!!! Thank you for leading by example of what God can do when you walk in faith. I am praying for you guys on this journey to bring this sweet girl home. Love ya'll!!
Jessica Irvin 9/26/2016 $100.00
Kate Roehrs 9/26/2016 $50.00 Hoping this will help you! What a blessing you are!
The Vite family 9/26/2016 $30.00
Lacie Brown 9/26/2016 $10.00
Mark and LuAnne McGuire 9/26/2016 $20.00 We love y'all so much!
Kyle Bracken 9/26/2016 $31.00
Kyle and Ashley Lollis 9/26/2016 $50.00 We love you guys so much! It's amazing to see you guys answering the Call of God on your hearts! We pray for your sweet baby girl to come home to you!
Anonymous 9/27/2016 $10.00 May God bless everything you continue to do for these precious babies and children, Robin and Travis.
Wanda Youngblood 9/27/2016 $20.00 May God Bless You and all your children.
Brittany and Brandon Surratt 9/27/2016 $50.00 We love y'all! We can't wait to meet your baby girl!
David and Nancy Boyd 9/27/2016 $50.00 We are praying that your little girl will be able to come home soon!
Anonymous 9/27/2016 $420.00 *
Anonymous 9/27/2016 $50.00 *
Lynn Giguere 9/28/2016 $20.00 Praying for your precious family.
Anonymous 9/28/2016 $48.00 Love and prayer??
Anonymous 9/28/2016 $30.00 *
Judy O'Sheilds 9/28/2016 $10.00 *
Van & Gail 9/28/2016 $100.00
Anonymous 9/28/2016 $500.00 *
Clarisa Polanco 9/28/2016 $100.00 Sweet friend, I can't wait to meet you in person one day ?? Thank you for being an inspiration and for shining so brightly for Jesus! Love ya!!
Winston and Lucille 9/28/2016 $20.00 *
Bob and Teresa Miller 9/28/2016 $30.00 *
Anonymous 9/29/2016 $50.00 *
ROBYN MOORE 9/29/2016 $25.00 Praying for you guys!
Anonymous 9/29/2016 $50.00 *
Bracken Cousins 9/29/2016 $70.00 We can't wait to meet our new cousin! Cole, Jilli, Ari, Ella, Mack, Kash, and Gray
Anonymous 9/29/2016 $100.00 Praying!
Jacci Wood 9/29/2016 $50.00
Leslie Pearson 9/29/2016 $25.00
Kristen Muse 9/29/2016 $10.00 Praying over your girl and this adoption!
Leah Rice 9/30/2016 $20.00
Pam Monroe 9/30/2016 $20.00 *
Tilstra Family 9/30/2016 $10.00 *
Megan and Allyson 9/30/2016 $20.00 *
Ken Sparks 9/30/2016 $20.00 Knowing you will be a blessing to this little girl!
Jerry and Sherri Burts 9/30/2016 $1,700.00
Anthony & Kay Carbon 10/1/2016 $800.00 Your story touched our hearts. You guys are warriors and I'm sure will be a blessing to this sweet baby. Wish you a speedy remaining of process so you can have your sweet baby in your arms soon.
The Hulon family 10/1/2016 $10.00
Carolina Labs 10/1/2016 $400.00 * Puppy sold!!!
Tabitha Blackwell 10/1/2016 $20.00 *
Kathy Maness 10/1/2016 $30.00 *
Andrea Saxton 10/1/2016 $25.00 Hi. Congratulations I think what you are doing is amazing! Im friends with Nick and Jessica Irvin and saw this through her FBpage.....
Leisten Family 10/1/2016 $150.00 *
Potter's Clay Praise Team Spaghetti Dinner 10/2/2016 $1,336.00 *
Deborah & Scott Carboni 10/2/2016 $100.00 My daughter in law, Kay Carbon, shared this post. If it wasn't for people donating when they were adopting we wouldn't have our Max; here is a little to help you bring your baby girl home.
Rob and Brenda Howard 10/3/2016 $100.00 *
Aunt Sue 10/3/2016 $250.00 * Can't wait to see my new niece at home!
2 very special people 10/3/2016 $500.00 *
Ingrid Olson 10/3/2016 $50.00
Tiffany Duncan 10/3/2016 $50.00 This is Amazing!! Praying you get to bring that sweet baby girl home soon!!! God bless you both!!
Transition Salon 10/4/2016 $275.00
Taylor Leslie 10/4/2016 $20.00 *
Eleanor Stoker 10/4/2016 $200.00 Bring that baby home!
Anonymous 10/5/2016 $100.00
Mark, Crystal & Katie 10/5/2016 $400.00 Praying that you get to bring this little princess home!
BJ Tiller 10/5/2016 $25.00 *
Steven and Katie Reece 10/5/2016 $300.00 *
Tonya and Jason 10/5/2016 $220.00 *
Jessica Snyder 10/5/2016 $20.00
Anonymous 10/5/2016 $50.00
Annette Mantooth 10/6/2016 $50.00 Can't wait until you bring your precious girl to her forever home!!!
Randy and Leann 10/6/2016 $30.00 *
Sold the golf cart!!!! 10/6/2016 $2,600.00 * A sweet family who sold their golf cart last year to fund their own adoption just bought our golf cart which will fund ours. God is so awesome!!
Anonymous 10/6/2016 $300.00 I am very proud of both of you. Can't wait to love on your little girl.
David and Michelle Talley Little 10/6/2016 $20.00
Ron Whitworth 10/6/2016 $25.00
Anonymous 10/6/2016 $25.00 God is good
Anonymous 10/7/2016 $10.00
The Cole Family 10/7/2016 $100.00 *
Nancy 10/7/2016 $20.00 *
Kevin Bryant 10/7/2016 $100.00 *
Ivey's Furniture Raffle 10/7/2016 $825.00 *
Anonymous 10/7/2016 $100.00
Paulette Mpses 10/7/2016 $50.00 So very close. Wish I could fund the rest!!
Anonymous 10/7/2016 $4,000.00 *
Blake and Debbie Alexander 10/7/2016 $100.00 We are giving $10.00 for each of our grandbabies. We serve an Awesome God that shows us his grace, mercy and love everyday. May God continue to bless your sweet family.
Kasey Liner 10/7/2016 $50.00 So happy for ya'll!
Aidan Fletcher 10/7/2016 $10.00 God bless you both!!