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Team ZAT is a group of kids and adults passionate about serving God and His people.  This October we will be running various races in the Kansas City Marathon in order to raise money and awareness for orphans and vulnerable children within the communities of Ziway and Adami Tulu, Ethiopia (Ziway + Adami Tulu = ZAT).  Your donation will go towards the Ethiopia child sponsorship program, providing education, medical care, two meals per day, love and HOPE to children enrolled in the Ziway/Adami Tulu schools.  Not only will kids be physically cared for, but they will be lovingly taught of their great worth in God's eyes.  Help us feed families spiritually through the message of hope and empowerment, aiming to keep families together in Ethiopia.

** Rest assured knowing that 100% of your tax deductible donation goes directly to work in Ethiopia.  No administrative fees will be deducted and, due to a generous corporate sponsor, even Paypal fees will be covered.

Vika for Blen Details

 Blen is 6 years-old and in the Upper Kindergarten at the Lifesong for Orphan's School in Ziway, Ethiopia.   Blen enjoys playing soccer. She enjoys studying Amharic, and she wants to be a teacher when she grows up. She lives with her aunt.

Many families in this region of Ethiopia are living in extreme poverty and many children are orphaned due to death and disease.  Without a quality education children have little to no hope of breaking the cycle of gripping poverty. At Lifesong Ethiopia, our hope is to not only provide education and food, but also share the love of Christ with students as we guide them into a hopeful future.


You know Vika takes after her mama! Not only does she enjoy running, she also has a heart for children living without...without parents, without toys, without enough food, etc. Well, she's doing something to help ONE child. She has been given a great opportunity to run and help a six year old girl in Ethiopia go to kindergarten, just like she does!


On October 19th, Vika will be running in the Kansas City Kid's Marathon. She won't be running 26.2 miles all in one day. She is running the 26.2 miles over the next eight weeks, one mile at a time. Her final 1.2 miles will be run on the 19th, at the Kansas City Marathon.


Now, she needs your help. Vika is working to help raise enough money to ensure that Blen can get an education, receive nutritious meals, and hear about God's love. Her goal is BIG--$228 - but it will be enough to sponsor Blen for the next year ($19 per month). An ENTIRE YEAR!


Will you help Vika by making a donation? No amount is too small! Thanks so much!



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Fundraiser ended on 11/1/2013.

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Donations To Vika for Blen

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Name Gift Date Amount Comment
Mom and Dad 8/22/2013 $40.00 Run your heart out, Vika! We love you sweet girl!
Samantha and Sasha Wood 8/23/2013 $30.00 Sasha would be right there running with you! Way to go Vika!
Gina Coleman 8/25/2013 $30.00 <3
Adrian Johnson 9/3/2013 $20.00 Can't wait to run with you!
Stephanie Nance 10/13/2013 $15.00 I love your little heart! Keep running and keep loving others!!
Grace Miller 10/19/2013 $25.00 This is awesome!
Grandpa Chuck and Grandma Joyce Chiles 10/19/2013 $20.00