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We are the Dietz Family

and this year we want to give HOPE for Christmas.


We are so blessed.  We have everything we need and most things we want.  So, celebrating Christ's birth (you know, the one where he was born in a humble stable and laid in a manger) by getting a bunch more shiny plastic things we don't need somehow just comes up short.

Will you help us make Christmas more meaningful this year?  Our greatest Christmas wish is this … to build a high school in Ziway, Ethiopia. Right now, “our” (ZAT) school only goes through the 8th grade. But we know these kids have worked way too hard and overcome way too many obstacles for this to be the end of their road. And so, we are committed to building them a high school. Will you help us?

Our family’s goal is $15,000 (the approximate cost of one classroom). We know it’s a big goal, but we are so passionate about this project...

we will match any donation given before the end of the year until we reach our goal


** update **  

Friends, we have met our goal!!!  The one we set that we thought we'd never be able to get anywhere close to.  God is so good.

We still have several more classrooms to build.  There is another (anonymous) matching gift out there up to $30,000, so please continue to give.  Let's see what kind of dent we can make in classroom #2!

Thank you friends for all your generous support.  And have a very blessed, amazing, life-altering, God-serving Christmas and 2014

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Fundraiser ended on 1/1/2014.

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Donations To Dietz Family

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Name Gift Date Amount Comment
Connie Pearson 12/2/2013 $200.00 Good work you two....may you reach and so much more. Love ya!! Con
Matching Gift 12/3/2013 $200.00 Thank you so much Connie & family for always being such generous and compassionate supporters. We are blessed to call you sister!
Mark & Jayme Miller 12/3/2013 $100.00 Awesome project! We are always inspired and encouraged by the work your family is doing! :)
Matching Gift 12/3/2013 $100.00 Wow Jayme & Mark - Thank you so much for the donation and for your continued support!
Anonymous 12/3/2013 $1,000.00 As always, you inspire us. What better Christmas gift than to bring hope to those who so desperately need it? Thank you for giving us another opportunity to do just that. BTW, how stinking cute is your family?!?!!! We love you guys!
Matching Gift 12/3/2013 $1,000.00 Wow anonymous. Wow, wow, wow is all I can say. Thank you, whoever you are, for your amazing generosity. Merry Christmas :-)
Shiloh Harlan 12/9/2013 $31.00 My commission plus some to make it a good number....from thirty-one :)
Dwight Spencer Memorial 12/16/2013 $616.00 * Money collected in lieu of flowers during Dwight's funeral, because everyone who knew Dwight knew of his amazing heart for children, especially children in need. He invested his entire life and heart into the least of these, and it was such an honor to know him.
Matching Gift 12/16/2013 $31.00 Thank you Shiloh for being such an amazing friend all these years and (obviously) THE best Thirty-One consultant around. Love your heart!
Matching Gift 12/16/2013 $616.00 Because it was an honor and a privilege to know Dwight, because he was like a father and best friend to us, and because we miss him so much. He had a heart (and candy) for children like no one we've ever known, and we think he would be pleased.
Greg and Janie Pahr 12/16/2013 $200.00 We love you, and pray that you reach your goal for this wonderful cause!
Matching Gift 12/16/2013 $200.00 Aunt Janie & Uncle Greg. We love you guys and are SO thankful for your generosity!!! Merry Christmas.
Graber Kids 12/17/2013 $212.00 What a great way to make our donations go even farther. This is what we have to give after we take out our year of support for our child. Thank you for matching and giving!! We are excited to see Meseret and her friends get a school.
Matching Gift 12/17/2013 $212.00 Wow Graber Kids. You guys are so inspiring. Way to advocate for Meseret and her friends. And Merry Christmas!!!!
Anonymous 12/17/2013 $50.00 Merry Christmas!
Matching Gift 12/18/2013 $50.00 Thank you Anonymous, and have a Merry Christmas!
F Family 12/20/2013 $1,000.00 * $500 + Matching Gift (checks) Thank you so much 'F Family' for this extremely generous donation. You guys have always been such an amazing support!
H Family 12/20/2013 $200.00 * $100 donation + matching gift (checks): Thank you so much H Family for the very generous Christmas gift! You guys are great.
Anonymous 12/20/2013 $5,000.00 * Wow. I have no idea who this is from (someone gave directly to Lifesong toward's our campaign), but isn't our God good??? Speechless!
Matching Gift 12/20/2013 $3,982.00 * And friends, we have met our goal!!! The one we set that we thought we'd never be able to get anywhere close to. God is so good. Friends, we still have lots more classrooms to build. There is another (anonymous) matching gift out there up to $30,000, so please continue to give. Let's see what kind of dent we can make in classroom #2!
Kalyn and family - Three Trees Project 12/20/2013 $425.00 We feel so blessed to be a part of this with you! We have had many friends and family members support our daughter's "Three Trees" pictures to raise money. God is certainly blessing this endeavor and we are so thankful!!!
Jordan & Beth Yust 12/22/2013 $50.00 Merry Christmas sister!!!
Matching Gift 12/24/2013 $425.00 * Kalyn, Even though we'd already hit our goal before your donation came through, we were so impressed by your heart and all your hard work with this Christmas project, we decided to go ahead and match your donation anyway. SO, your donation of $425 will now be quadrupled. Excellent job girly!
Anonymous 12/24/2013 $1,000.00 I am so encouraged by the example you guys have set by your humble, servant-heartedness and obedience to God and his calling on our lives to love the orphan, the fatherless. Thanks so much for all of the ways you guys, in your obedience to Him, have demonstrated His love and challenged us to do the same, and have created ways for all of us to serve him and give to ZAT and love the children of ZAT well. I am so thankful for all of the ways i have been able to be challenged and encouraged and blessed by the opportunity to learn more about ZAT and give to ZAT in so many ways. Thanks for sharing ZAT with all of us this year! I love you guys!
Mike Beckner 12/25/2013 $50.00 Merry Christmas Travis. We love you.
Anonymous 12/25/2013 $300.00 * Merry Christmas present!
Anonymous 12/25/2013 $500.00 * Merry Christmas present!
Jeff, Erin, and Harper Maxwell 12/27/2013 $50.00 Merry Christmas, Travis!!
Jeff, Erin, and Harper Maxwell 12/27/2013 $50.00 Merry Christmas Lyla, Timothy, Biruk, Anna and Joseph!!
Anonymous 12/27/2013 $1,000.00 * Merry Christmas & blessings to all of you
Grandma 12/28/2013 $75.00
Joni & Dale Dietz 12/28/2013 $50.00 Merry Christmas! We love you!
Anonymous 12/28/2013 $200.00 * "May God bless you for your work! You guys are amazing. Thank you for the opportunity to also be a part of this mission work. Keep me posted :-)"
Anonymous 12/29/2013 $825.00
Anonymous 12/29/2013 $170.00 *
Kevin & Jill Miller 12/30/2013 $100.00
Damon Duehring 12/31/2013 $500.00 A couple of extra bucks for the bucket.