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Team ZAT is a group of people brought together by two common interests:  A love (or toleration) of running and a desire to help the least of these.  We will all be running the Chicago Marathon on October 13, 2013 to raise money and awareness for children in need within the communities of Ziway and Adami Tulu, Ethiopia (Ziway + Adami Tulu = ZAT).  Your donation will go towards the Ethiopia child sponsorship program, providing education, medical care, two meals per day, love and HOPE to children enrolled in the Ziway/Adami Tulu schools.  Not only will kids be physically cared for, but they will be lovingly taught of their great worth in God's eyes.  Help us feed families spiritually through the message of hope and empowerment, aiming to keep families together in Ethiopia.


Rest assured knowing that 100% of your tax deductible donation goes directly to work in Ethiopia.  No administrative fees will be deducted and, due to a generous corporate sponsor, even Paypal fees will be covered.

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And to learn more about our work in Ethiopia and around the world, visit Lifesong for Orphans

Elisa Details

Hi, my name is Elisa and i had been considering running a fall marathon and had even considered Chicago when I found out about this team going to Chicago! I started reading about the team and what we would be raising money for and I immediately wanted to be a part of this team! I am a mom to four kids ages 5 to 14. I work a couple of part time jobs and cram my running in whenever i have time! I have run 12 half marathons, numerous shorter distance races and will be tackling my 3rd full marathon in Chicago! I have a passion for running and love the idea of combining that passion with helping children in another country who desperately need the help. I cannot wait to see the children of Ziway and Adami Tulu receive the life sustaining support they so greatly need. 

Would you consider donating $.50, $1 or $2 per mile I run?

I am so thankful for your support. It will not only change lives in Ethiopia, but it will keep me going to that 26th mile. 
ANY amount you can give will help so thank you SO much!

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Fundraiser ended on 10/20/2013.

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Donations To Elisa

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Name Gift Date Amount Comment
Chris Legler 2/21/2013 $50.00 Way to run for a reason, Elisa! Chicago will be a blast this year!
Laurie Rippel 3/8/2013 $20.00
Anonymous 3/8/2013 $30.00 Exciting!
Mary Neir 4/9/2013 $25.00
Katie Greving 4/18/2013 $26.20
Laura DeLargy 6/28/2013 $26.20 You are doing such a great thing! So honored to train with you for this race!
Susan Lanker 8/28/2013 $50.00
June Duehring 8/28/2013 $10.00 Run, Elisa, Run!!!
Todd Castaldi 8/28/2013 $26.20 Good luck running for a great cause! Go ORC!
Lynn & Derek Beck 8/28/2013 $50.00 You go girl! We are proud of you!
Lisa Lister 8/28/2013 $15.00
Dorothy Dresser 9/10/2013 $10.00
Janee Johnson 10/3/2013 $20.00
Roger Neir 10/3/2013 $25.00 Enjoy Chicago!
Anonymous 10/3/2013 $30.00 Way to go, Elisa!
Wendy Seaba 10/3/2013 $10.00
Joe and Michelle Manthe 10/3/2013 $25.00
Josh and Val Manthe 10/6/2013 $26.20 I know you are going to BLAZE through this marathon to a huge PR. We'll be praying with you through the race and are excited for all the people that you are helping with each mile that you run!
Julie Veer 10/7/2013 $25.00
Sarah Crowley 10/7/2013 $20.00 I'm so proud of you my friend and know you will do great!
Shauna Lawrence 10/7/2013 $26.20 Can't wait to celebrate your 3rd marathon! You're awesome!
Aaron and Melinda Handke 10/8/2013 $25.00 Go Elisa!!
Anne Schroer 10/9/2013 $26.20 Thanks for giving back, Elisa! You're going to rock Chicago!
Hope Harms 10/10/2013 $26.20 You've got a big heart, Elisa. Have a great run in Chicago!
Denise Laughlin 10/10/2013 $26.60 A smidge more than a $! per mile, but wanted you to have a nice round number left! : )
Jeff Mildner 10/11/2013 $50.00 Congratulations on hitting your goal! Run well and have fun in Chicago.