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In Ziway & Adami Tulu, Ethiopia, only 3% of girls and 4% of boys will attend secondary school.  That means that over 90% of these kids would not attend high school, let alone graduate!  We want to change that by giving our students the opportunity they would not normally have.  In partnership with Lifesong for Orphans, let's work together to build "our" ZAT students a high school.

From Dreams to Reality from Lifesong for Orphans on Vimeo.

Help us turn the dreams of Mesfin and his classmates into reality.


100 orangeLifesong has been blessed with partners that underwrite all US administrative and fundraising costs (TMG Foundation and other partners). That means 100% of your donation received by Lifesong will go directly to the need…in this case, building a high school.

Kalyn Details

Hi, my name is Kalyn!  Last year, I had so much fun raising money to help with building a high school in Ziway, Ethiopia!  I am hoping to raise money again this year and to help other kids learn about how they can make a difference in the life of a child half-way around the world.  On October 18th I will be running the Kansas City Kid's Marathon to help ensure that kids in Ethiopia can continue to go to school, get fed, and hear about God's love.  I am so excited!!!

All money raised will go towards building the very first ever high school in Ziway, Ethiopia for the Lifesong for Orphan's students.  A few days after I run this race, my mom will be leaving for Ethiopia, and she will get to see the construction of the high school as well as meet the kids who we are helping.  Will you help me help them by making a donation?  No amount is too small.

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Fundraiser ended on 12/31/2014.

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Donations To Kalyn

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Name Gift Date Amount Comment
Anonymous 8/18/2014 $100.00 * Money from a few more "Three Trees" Picture sales!
Ockander Children 8/29/2014 $20.00 Love you, cousin Kalyn!
Anonymous 9/1/2014 $25.00 *
Anonymous 9/1/2014 $20.00 *
Anonymous 9/1/2014 $50.00 *
Shonda Dietz 9/11/2014 $50.00 I'm torn. I obviously choose "fly" (because I am flying to Ethiopia with you), but I also choose "run." hmmm....
Peggy Gott 9/14/2014 $50.00 *
Anonymous 9/14/2014 $8.00 *
Susan Schaeffer 9/16/2014 $23.00 * Miss Susan and her Precious Gifts Daycare - "Running With Kalyn!"
Ashley Schmuhl 9/26/2014 $50.00
Rodney & Lindsay Bonham 10/10/2014 $40.00
Aaron and Cacey Klein 10/12/2014 $64.00 Go Kalyn Go! :)
Michelle Johnson 11/7/2014 $40.00
Lesley and Doug Gaughan 11/10/2014 $15.00 Good work Kalyn!
Andrea erickson 11/13/2014 $15.00
Beth Hoglund 11/18/2014 $20.00
Linda Johnson 12/9/2014 $10.00
Pam Baum 12/13/2014 $50.00 Kalyn did a great job making these & is doing such a fantastic job raising money for a great cause!
Laura Breiter 12/13/2014 $20.00
Lori Belden 12/15/2014 $50.00 * Thank you for purchasing the ornaments, Belden family!!! We are so thankful to have your support!
Tiffany Anzalone 12/16/2014 $25.00 * Thank you for purchasing 3 ornaments!!!
Sarah Chambers 12/19/2014 $55.00 * Thank you for your donation toward the ornaments - those KU ones are special! :) You got the only ones made this year!!!
Ockander Family 12/19/2014 $24.00 we love you and your big, sweet, giving hearts!
Cacey Klein 12/19/2014 $30.00 I just received my ornaments in the mail! I love them - they are adorable! Thank you for all your hard working raising money for the ZAT Project :)
Anonymous 12/22/2014 $33.00 * 4 More ornament sales - Thanks, Shauna and Carisa!!!
Anonymous 12/22/2014 $30.00 * Thanks, Jess, for buying 3 ornaments! We are getting so close to our goal!!!
Hannah Leftwich 12/22/2014 $15.00
Anonymous 12/23/2014 $28.00 * We're getting so close - thanks, Amy, Michelle, and Nicole for your donations/ornament purchases! :)
Anonymous 12/29/2014 $25.00 Thank you, Brent and Steph, and Sarah for helping us reach our goal!
Carrie Hyer 12/29/2014 $50.00