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We feel blessed to be parents of 5 fabulous kids!
Our youngest two joined our family through China Special Needs adoption in 2005 and 2008.

In the summer of 2011, we participated in an orphan hosting program of children with no more family options in their own country.  We were privileged to have a sibling group of  3 sisters from the Philippines spend 3 weeks in our home. It was a joyous, special and loud 3 weeks of getting to know these precious girls. When they returned to the Philippines, we went to work on adopting them.

Our story gets a little sticky right about here. We live in a state that doesn't make adoption of large sibling groups into already "large" families an easy thing.  It took 3 social workers, many advocates and a move of God to get an approval for our family.  That approval finally came in June 2012!  Now, it is full speed ahead towards our 3 new daughters.  This part of the process is going more quickly than usual, and we will likely be called to travel in less than 3 months.

Many have asked us how they can help.  Most importantly, we would love to have prayer for these 3 girls as they leave their orphanage home and their home country to join our family.  Also, please pray for our family as we prepare our hearts and home for their homecoming.

Of course, another way to help is by giving and sharing!!  We just couldn't help but notice all those 3's in the story of our girls, and because of that we are launching this $3.00 for our 3 project. While we still need quite a few dollars to finish this thing, we can't help but believe that the Awesome-God-style provision we have experienced in this adoption so far will continue. Thank you for any part you feel lead to have in this unfolding story.  Every single dollar helps, and every time the project is shared via Facebook or email that helps too!

NOTE: Donating is easy with The Charity Project! Just press button below.  However, this site is not set up for tax deductible giving. If you are more interested in a tax deductible opportunity to give to our adoption, please click here for our Adopt Together 3Kings webpage.


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Fundraiser ended on 10/1/2012.

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Name Gift Date Amount Comment
Anonymous 8/31/2012 $25.00
Anonymous 8/31/2012 $30.00
Maryann Izzarelli 8/31/2012 $25.00 Barbra, You were a godsend to me through a very dark time and I can never thank you enough for including me in your life. I'm so looking forward to following this journey. Much love...
Lisa Loos 8/31/2012 $3.00 Congratulations! <3
Anonymous 8/31/2012 $50.00 Prayers for you and your girls!!
Jenny Eisenmenger 8/31/2012 $53.00
mimi and pampy Carter 8/31/2012 $75.00
Alec & Andi Gibson 8/31/2012 $100.00 What a joy to share in the event of adding to your family. May God bless you 100 fold! Forever in our Heart:) Andi & family
Jen & Brett Johnson 8/31/2012 $100.00
Melissa Francis 8/31/2012 $100.00
Anonymous 8/31/2012 $25.00
Tisha Sarvet 8/31/2012 $10.00 What a blessing you are!!
Melissa Mohrman 8/31/2012 $5.00 Praying for every blessing in this new exciting adventure for your family!
Anonymous 8/31/2012 $30.00
Anonymous 8/31/2012 $50.00
Anonymous 8/31/2012 $30.00
Sue Talbott 8/31/2012 $33.00 AWESOME!!!! Congratulations, King Family! What a LARGE, lucky crew! So happy for everyone!
Twiet's!! 8/31/2012 $25.00 REJOICING WITH YOU!!
Rick and Heather Hanna 8/31/2012 $50.00 So glad God answered you as it gives all of us hope too :) Blessings!
JaimeEnter first name here Plank 8/31/2012 $9.00
Anonymous 9/1/2012 $30.00
Carmi Henderson 9/1/2012 $3.00 Barbra, I am sorry this is not more but when I start my job I will be able to do some more. Love you all and praying for your 3 precious girls!
Jill, Dirk, Emma and Molly Rannebarger 9/1/2012 $50.00
Anonymous 9/2/2012 $20.00
Anonymous 9/3/2012 $10.00
Lindsey and Jason Wishall 9/3/2012 $25.00
Scott Johnson 9/3/2012 $3.00
Anonymous 9/3/2012 $25.00
Doug and Lindsay Pinter 9/3/2012 $15.00
Susanna Bressner 9/4/2012 $30.00 We are looking forward to adding 3 more to the bunch! Can't wait to meet the new nieces.
Cathy Holden 9/7/2012 $15.00 I had to give $15 for 3 because I want to see that family shot without those hearts covering their precious faces and because I love your hearts and you know all that :)
Jennifer Gieser 9/9/2012 $30.00
Anonymous 9/9/2012 $3.00
Mindy Haile 9/9/2012 $10.00
Anonymous 9/10/2012 $10.00 The best of luck to you on this venture. You certainly are a blessing!
Anonymous 9/10/2012 $3.00 Congratulations!!!
Anonymous 9/11/2012 $10.00
The Kneller's 9/22/2012 $100.00
Anonymous 9/26/2012 $100.00
Barbara Greenfield 9/26/2012 $25.00 Enjoy your new daughters! Great story.
Emily Pawlicki 9/29/2012 $10.00
Mark Bryan Gonzales 6/10/2014 $3.00