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Adoption is huge.  Check out the information provided on the fundraising page for more details about the Lakes Family and their hopes and dreams to bring a child from Serbia to become one of them.  

Lakes Family Adoption Details

Lakes Family Adoption

The basics: The Lakes are a family of seven who are adopting a child with special needs from Serbia. They were denied the grant they were counting on to help fund the adoption and are now in a sprint to come up with the remaining $5,400.

The second to youngest son, Simeon ("Eon") has Down Syndrome. Since his birth, his mom, Tara (also an occupational therapist), has learned more about the horrors of life for orphans with Special Needs in other countries and has become a personal advocate for the safety and adoption for the 147 million orphans in the world.

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-purchase handmade goods to benefit the adoption
-hear more from Tara and Shawn about the process
-connect with the Lakes and other donators

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Fundraiser ended on 10/31/2012.

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Name Gift Date Amount Comment
Anonymous 9/20/2012 $10.00
Alexandria DeHart 9/25/2012 $20.00
Eric McCoy 9/25/2012 $10.00
Valerie Carnevale 9/25/2012 $15.00
Anonymous 9/25/2012 $100.00
Amy Cogswell 9/25/2012 $20.00 We adopted our sweet one with DS 3 years ago from Taiwan:). Blessings to your family.
Joshua Jones 9/25/2012 $50.00
Anonymous 9/25/2012 $10.00
Emily Theis 9/25/2012 $50.00
Anonymous 9/25/2012 $50.00
Donnie Statom 9/25/2012 $25.00 I wish i could give more but i am sponsoring 6 children right now ..all special needs except one...wish you good luck in bringing this baby home!.. Blessings yeye Donnie
Melissa Moos 9/25/2012 $25.00
Anonymous 9/25/2012 $25.00 Praying!!
Vince Ferry 9/25/2012 $50.00
Nora Bergman 9/25/2012 $8.00 God bless your family.
Greta Lundby 9/25/2012 $15.00
Heather Sommer 9/25/2012 $50.00
Heidi Moore 9/25/2012 $8.00
Anonymous 9/25/2012 $50.00
joel and kellie nowacki 9/25/2012 $100.00 how could we NOT help?
Jennifer Long 9/25/2012 $25.00 Praying for you and your family on this journey.
Pat and Melody Shook 9/25/2012 $100.00 Can't wait to meet this wonderful little person!!!! God is faithful!
Jeff and Jeanne McCullough 9/25/2012 $250.00
Justin Turner 9/25/2012 $50.00
Cindy Daniel 9/26/2012 $15.00
Anonymous 9/26/2012 $30.00 May God richly bless your family for the way you love and serve Him every minute of every day!
Anonymous 9/26/2012 $500.00
Anonymous 9/26/2012 $747.00
John & Brenda Gildersleeved 9/26/2012 $25.00 Praying for more showers of donations & God's blessing for your family.
Amy Wortinger 9/26/2012 $175.00
Nataliehenderson Henderson 9/27/2012 $20.00 I would love the Mother Theresa cards (and to support your adoption as others have supported us) You can contact me at for my address.
Tuesday DeJong 9/28/2012 $20.00 Praying all is well with your process.
Linda Nargi 10/9/2012 $25.00
Samantha Shah 10/11/2012 $15.00 So happy to donate not for a wonderful cause, but for a wonderful child (and family). Would love the beautiful cards if still available.