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Help us bring home our fourth!

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We are pleased to announce that we have been matched and are expecting a baby BOY in August!

Adoption is costly and we are hoping to raise $15,000 to help offset some of the cost we will incur over the next few months. Would you support us and pray for that God would be given all the glory as He unfolds this plan?

Why are we adopting?

We'd like another kid and there are lots of children in need of families. We love Jesus, we've seen Him work so clearly in our lives and we just felt like He was leading us down this road. Our journey to bring Eli home changed us, challenged us, taught us, and we are thankful for every single step. We can't describe the immeasurable blessings we've gotten through adoption and simply put, we want that agin. This time, we get to develop some level of relationship with the woman carrying this baby and we are hopeful that we will be able to love her and serve her well - just another layer of the adoption miracle.

Why does adoption cost so much?

Lawyers make a lot of money! And they are heavily involved in the red tape that comes with legally changing parental rights from one couple to another. Also, a birth mom's reasonable (food, rent, transportation to appointments, etc.) living expenses are paid for while she is pregnant and 6 weeks afterwards.

Can the birth mom change her mind?

Yes. This baby is her baby until she signs legal custody over 1-3 days after the baby is born. She is an expectant mom who has chosen to make an adoption plan for her baby because she believes that is what is best. Once the paperwork is signed, she can not change her mind in the state of Florida. Our specific birth mom gives us no reason to believe that she will alter her adoption plan and we trust her to make the best decision.

Why domestic? Why not Ethiopia?

Ethiopia has a BIG part of our hearts! It was definitely a change of plans to be doing a domestic adoption but we are so happy with this journey. Ethiopia has had some recent struggles to maintain international adoptions, there are now 2 trips required, many unknowns, a longer process, and even the threat of stopping adoptions altogether. It is a long road of certain struggles, but the biggest roadblock was making 2 trips - each for about a week at a time - and needing someone to care for our kids while we're gone (plus DJ's time off work!).

How are the kids processing it?

They are SO excited to be getting a baby brother!! Eli can't wait to get to share a room with someone and not be overwhelmingly outnumbered while Daddy is at work. ;) This little boy is going to be very loved on (I may have to wear him all day just to protect him from his 3 year old sister-helper). 
We are looking forward to this little boy joining our family and excited about the opportunity to serve and love on the birth mom. We believe that God wants her to know she matters and isn’t abandoned by Him…and what a unique chance we will have to tell her that! Will you partner with us to make this happen? We are still about $10,000 short of what we will need in August and that's a big number, but God is bigger. Thank you so much for reading about our family and our need.
D.J. and Lindsey

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Name Gift Date Amount Comment
Anonymous 4/28/2014 $1.00
Ken and Kristin Norman 4/28/2014 $20.00 It's not much but we are covering you and the new sweet baby in LOTS of prayer!! So exciting!!! Love, love, love!
Anonymous 4/28/2014 $100.00 You mentored our daughter, Kim Brackett, and Nick Manson, before they were married. Thank you! And, my God bless your sweet family.
Jess Bourque 4/28/2014 $40.00
Anonymous 4/28/2014 $100.00 It's easy to love another baby, but it's incredibly gracious to love a mother who feels her baby needs another home... Selfless and searching for a special home to bless their child with.. You are that family and a home of god's unconditional love.. Congratulations and God speed.
Anonymous 4/29/2014 $100.00
Anonymous 4/29/2014 $25.00 The world needs more families like yours :-)
Anonymous 4/29/2014 $200.00 *
Anonymous 4/29/2014 $500.00 *
Dana Dionne 4/29/2014 $100.00 So proud of you!
Anonymous 4/29/2014 $50.00 *
Anonymous 4/29/2014 $7.00 *
Anonymous 4/29/2014 $500.00 *
Anonymous 4/29/2014 $1,000.00 *
Anonymous 4/30/2014 $500.01 You guys have no idea how special you are.
Heidi Armstrong 4/30/2014 $100.00 So excited for your growing family!! Praying for your new precious one!
Anonymous 4/30/2014 $20.00
Susan and William Kyle 5/2/2014 $50.00 So happy for you and the future baby Martorana!!!
Anonymous 5/8/2014 $500.00 *
Dzuy Nguyen 5/8/2014 $50.00 *
Kierstin Weber 5/14/2014 $50.00
James & Amanda Raffenaud 5/15/2014 $250.00 Love the Martoranas!
Anonymous 5/22/2014 $300.00
Anonymous 5/24/2014 $100.00 Can't wait to meet your bundle of joy!
Anonymous 6/2/2014 $1,000.00
Garage Sale 1 6/8/2014 $716.27 * Thanks to all who helped by giving items to sell and help us setup. It was an awesome success!
Garage Sale 2 6/8/2014 $635.00 * So many gave items! Thanks to all of you! Very much appreciated.
Anonymous 6/8/2014 $50.00 *
Anna Leavitt 6/9/2014 $100.00 So excited for you guys to bring home your baby!
Anonymous 6/25/2014 $30.00 *
Anonymous 7/2/2014 $50.00 *
Kimberly Drake 7/8/2014 $150.00
Anonymous 7/9/2014 $100.00 Your family is such a blessing, and your newest little son will be loved tremendously.
Anonymous 7/18/2014 $50.00 We are so excited for your growing family!
Anonymous 8/1/2014 $100.00 *
Anonymous 8/7/2014 $100.00 So excited for this little boy and your entire family.
Ashley Kohn 8/8/2014 $200.00 Thank you for sharing your journey with us! Covering you all in prayers!
Jennifer & Dane Knudsen 8/8/2014 $50.00 Call it a baby shower gift :) You guys area such an awesome family we wish you all the best!