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About Bring Luke Home!!

Meet The McCoy Family! Daddy, Mommy and Big Brother to a very special little boy in waiting! 
In 2009, we adopted our first child from South Korea. On the last day of 2012, we found our 2nd son.

McCoy Family Adoption Details

Welcome Friends & Family to the McCoy Family Adoption Donation Page. 
This page is dedicated to raising the funds needed for a very special little boy that has been waiting for his Mommy, Daddy, and Big Brother!

A message from the McCoy's:  
 We have been watching our baby boy grow from afar for an entire year and within the next few months, he will finally be able to join his family! As Daddy, Mommy and Big Brother prepare for travel, we are reaching out for your help. Airfare to South Korea is currently $1300 per person. We are required to take two trips: first trip to attend family court and the second trip approximately 2 weeks later to receive custody of our son and BRING HIM HOME! We also have another big agency fee due soon of $7000. That's a grand total of $12,200 all due within the next couple of months. 

We ask that you keep our family in your hearts and prayers and if you are able to donate, please do. Every dollar counts! 
We thank you with all our hearts for your love and support!
Please share this page with others. 

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Fundraiser ended on 4/1/2014.

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Donations To McCoy Family Adoption

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Name Gift Date Amount Comment
Anonymous 1/16/2013 $5.00
Sheleen 1/16/2013 $20.00 Stay Strong Steph and it will all work out.
Anonymous 1/16/2013 $20.00
Anonymous 1/17/2013 $5.00
Anonymous 1/17/2013 $5.99
Anonymous 1/17/2013 $4.55
Anonymous 1/17/2013 $10.00
Anonymous 1/17/2013 $5.00 Good Luck :) God Bless!
Anonymous 1/17/2013 $5.00
Phil, Rebecca, and Arthur Wright 1/17/2013 $25.00
Jody Sherman 1/17/2013 $36.00 $36.00 is Chai (the 18th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which means life)times 2. I hope that you were able to realize your goal quickly, and bring that little boy home.
Michael Mathews 1/17/2013 $5.00 Good luck.
Anonymous 1/17/2013 $5.00
Ahnah Lingard 1/18/2013 $5.00 We wish you luck!
Anonymous 1/18/2013 $500.00
Anonymous 1/19/2013 $50.00
Ilene Heninger 1/19/2013 $5.00
dorothy burrows 1/19/2013 $10.00 Wish I could do more
Sandra Price 1/19/2013 $10.00 God Bless & Good Luck!
TNT Egan 1/19/2013 $10.00
Tracy Sasser 1/20/2013 $20.00 I'll do more when I can. Love you!!!
Anna Spens 1/20/2013 $5.00
Anonymous 1/20/2013 $30.00 Congratulations!
Bob & Colleen Stonehouse 1/21/2013 $100.00 I pray you will reach your objective.
Jessi Matthews 1/22/2013 $15.00 Good luck Harlan... You deserve this, and so does that sweet little boy.
Jennifer Beagle 1/22/2013 $10.00
Shaun Perry 1/23/2013 $50.00
Anonymous 1/23/2013 $10.00 You can do this Steph! Were rooting for you!
Anonymous 1/23/2013 $26.00 Random Act of Kindness #6 of 26 in memory of the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School. Every child deserves a forever home!
Anonymous 1/23/2013 $5.00
Anonymous 1/23/2013 $10.00
Anonymous 1/23/2013 $10.00 Yea for adoption!
Anonymous 1/23/2013 $5.00
Anonymous 1/23/2013 $5.00
Bethany 1/23/2013 $5.00
Anonymous 1/23/2013 $5.00 I'm adopted. Probably the best thing that's ever happened to me. Good luck
Elizabeth Davis 1/23/2013 $10.00
Vicki Doughty 1/23/2013 $20.00 Our daughter and son in law are also raising funds to pay for an adoption, of a baby that was placed in their arms with less than 3 days to prepare. Blessings as you continue your journey also
Anonymous 1/24/2013 $20.00 CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
Janeth Wilson 1/25/2013 $25.00 May God bless your new family.
Anonymous 1/25/2013 $10.00
Lisa Scott 1/26/2013 $25.00 Donation in honor of Mike and Celine, 2 local high school students who lost their lives in a traffic accident 2 years ago. Their families ask people to do something special for someone else in their memory each year. Best of luck to you.
Anonymous 1/26/2013 $5.00
Shannon Ipson 1/26/2013 $15.00 Good Luck
Anonymous 1/26/2013 $15.00
Abby Humbles 1/26/2013 $15.00 God speed!
Jacob & Chantrelle Black 1/26/2013 $20.00 We wish you guys the best! I know Heavenly Father hears your prayers! Sometimes they are not answered as swiftly as we want, but they are certainly answered---in the Lord's time. :)
Anonymous 1/26/2013 $10.00 Good luck and thank you! I'm Korean, and I appreciate you adopting this little Korean boy!
Anonymous 1/27/2013 $50.00 Wishing you all the best.
The Conrad Family 1/27/2013 $100.00 Hope this can help. We will be praying for you guys!!
Anonymous 1/27/2013 $5.00 Thank you for being such a blessing to these children! :)
Joel & Kimberly Dalich 1/27/2013 $25.00 I wish we could do more. I pray that you are able to bing your baby home!
Amber Trussel 1/27/2013 $10.00
Martin & Michelle Vergara 1/28/2013 $20.00 Hi Cousin, this is all we can afford right now, but I hope you get your wishes for a new child in your life. You're a wonderful mother and I know that you will provide this child with all the love and care he deserves. xoxo
Evelyn De Jesus 1/28/2013 $20.00 Good Luck!
Luke Family 1/28/2013 $50.00 A single worker bee contributes 1/10 tsp of honey in it's entire life...a single bee colony produces more than 100 pounds of honey.
Anonymous 1/28/2013 $100.00 In honor of your family. God Bless!!!
Anonymous 1/28/2013 $10.00 Good luck!
The Society 1/28/2013 $5.00 We here at the family wish you all the best! We know it isn't much but every little bit counts!
Anonymous 1/28/2013 $5.00
Anonymous 1/29/2013 $10.00 Good luck and God bless!
Anonymous 1/29/2013 $20.00
Jessica Campbell 1/30/2013 $1.00
Anonymous 1/31/2013 $10.00
Anonymous 1/31/2013 $25.00 I sure hope little I give will help! God bless your BEAUTIFUL family.
smile 2/1/2013 $20.00 I hope the best for you! Adoption is an amazing thing :) Just ask the little boy who is coming to meet us when he is 18!!
Becky Bearden 2/2/2013 $20.00 Bring my nephew home!
Rick Torrecarion 2/4/2013 $100.00 Hi Stephie....wish we could give you more but me and Grandma can only give you $100.00..... I hope everything works out for and kisses XOXO
Anonymous 2/4/2013 $5.00 Good Luck!!!
Anonymous 2/4/2013 $10.00 Best Wishes - Mont & Nita Williams
Anonymous 2/7/2013 $10.00 Good Luck! I wish I can donate more : (
The East Boys 2/9/2013 $25.00 We are praying for your family!!!
Tracy Flores 2/9/2013 $10.00 Praying for your family & the new baby that is waiting for you!
Anonymous 2/10/2013 $10.00
Anonymous 2/12/2013 $20.00 I adopted my son 5 years ago. I was grateful for the assistance I received in the process. Best wishes on your journey.
vickie keil 2/14/2013 $54.00 for the fund raiser
Anonymous 2/18/2013 $50.00 You had a bad experience with a CS teammate. I am sorry.
Ashly Lower 2/18/2013 $10.00 Hope you reach your goal!
Ashley, Mehdi, Jaxon and Milan 2/20/2013 $5.00 Wish we could do more right now but with our wedding in 2 months funds are tight as I mentioned before but I definitely wanted to contribute so you're able to get your lil bundle of joy home!!
Sharon Pitchforth 3/4/2013 $20.00
Rachel Johnson 3/4/2013 $10.00
Anonymous 3/4/2013 $5.00 I hope this helps! My BIL and SIL are trying to adopt and I know how hard it is to raise the funds needed! Good Luck
Anonymous 3/4/2013 $10.00
Katie & Jesse Blake 3/4/2013 $20.00 Good luck and God bless!!!
Anonymous 3/4/2013 $5.00 Good luck and God Bless.
Anonymous 3/5/2013 $10.00
Anonymous 3/5/2013 $5.00 Yes for adoption. I am also adopted. Good Luck.
Anonymous 3/5/2013 $20.00
Anonymous 3/5/2013 $20.00 God bless your family!
Anonymous 3/6/2013 $8.00
Anonymous 3/6/2013 $10.00 You have amazing faith. Keep believing.
Anonymous 3/7/2013 $10.00
Anonymous 3/7/2013 $10.00 I wish you the best and have been extremely touched by your story. You are a wonderful family, I hope you're able to bring your baby boy home very soon.
Rick Torrecarion 3/8/2013 $50.00 Hi Stephie...praying for you and Harlan... that you finally get your family all together XOXO
Sheleen and Justin Broaddus 3/10/2013 $50.00
Anonymous 3/12/2013 $130.00 Just share this and hope you are soon holding that little boy.
Anonymous 3/12/2013 $10.00
Anonymous 3/12/2013 $20.00
Anonymous 3/12/2013 $10.00
Anonymous 3/12/2013 $5.00
Anonymous 3/13/2013 $10.00 Sending prayers, hope, love, faith and joy to you and your sweet family.
Danna Henley 3/13/2013 $10.00 Good luck!
Anonymous 3/14/2013 $5.00
Anonymous 3/14/2013 $5.00
Carla Hansen 3/14/2013 $25.00 Best of luck to you!!
Anonymous 3/14/2013 $5.00
Ashly Lower 3/14/2013 $20.00 Good Luck! Keep us updated - I am sure it will all work out so your little one can come home with you!
Anonymous 3/14/2013 $100.00
Jeric & Sheree Merrill 3/14/2013 $20.00 Best wishes!
Anonymous 3/14/2013 $20.00
Anonymous 3/14/2013 $30.00
Michelle & Ray Reid 3/15/2013 $20.00 Hi Cuz. I wish I could do more, but I hope this brings you closer to you goal. I will be praying :) xoxo
Rachel Morris 4/7/2013 $10.00 I am praying for your family and am sending an army of prayer warriors to pray for you as well! May God Bless your family, I know he will send Luke to your home!
Richard Torrecarion 5/15/2013 $150.00