Our Journey Back To Ethiopia For $3 will help us bring 3 brothers HOME!

About $3 will help us bring 3 brothers HOME!

Our Journey Back To Ethiopia Details

We leave for Ethiopia in TWO WEEKS!

Psalm 68:6 "God places the lonely in families."


In November 2011, we got on the wait list for 1-3 boys ages 0-7 from Uganda, Africa. We thought we would receive a referral in just two months, because our parameters were so open. 

We were on the list for SIX MONTHS...

Then one day at the beginning of May, we received an email from our adoption agency stating that there were not any adoptable children in the orphanage, in Uganda, that they work with. The email went on to ask us if we would be open to Ghana, Africa. This is another country that they work with. Monte and I talked about it that night. The next day I called the agency back and told them that we would be open to Ghana. We truly believe that God can use one country to bring you to another and our hearts want to be open to anything the Lord has for us.

SIX HOURS after making that call...

A friend posted, on facebook, about THREE waiting BROTHERS in ETHIOPIA. Their ages were the ages that we have thought, all along, would be perfect for our family (7, 6 and 4). I immediately called the agency that they are placed with and talked to the case manager to get more information.

Over the next week we kept in close contact with the agency. We also spent a lot of time in prayer. The last thing we wanted to do was let our emotions get in the way if these boys were meant to be in someone else’s family. The Lord answered each one of our prayers.

On May 9th, we said YES to changing agencies and countries, because our boys are waiting! Now we start the journey of becoming a family of TEN!

We stand in awe of how God has worked every little detail out. 

How can it be anything other than God? ~we do not believe in coincidences~

~Last year, we felt such clarity that God was asking us to be open to 3 boys that we changed home study agencies, because the first one would only approve us for 2 boys.

~If those boys were posted ONE DAY earlier, I wouldn't of even thought twice about them being part of our family. The email about the lack of children in the orphanage in Uganda, planted the thought in our minds about being open to other countries.

~The ages are PERFECT!

~This whole time we have had a heart for waiting children.

~We honestly were fine with any African country, but we are so very elated to be going back to our girl's birth country!


We have been incredible blessed in the last 13 months with countless people joining us on our adoption journey. You have prayed faithfully and financially supported us as we follow the Lord's call for our family.

We still have many asking us how much more we need. We still need travel money. Our first trip to Ethiopia will cost right around $6,000. This money is for plane tickets, hotel and the boys' visas.  

We humbly come to you and ask if you could donate $3 in honor of the 3 boys that will be joining our family. $3 can make a big difference and does help us immensely. 

Thank you!

***For a donation of $20 or more, we will send you an Ugandan Recycled Magazine Necklace!***           

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Fundraiser ended on 10/18/2012.

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Donations To Our Journey Back To Ethiopia

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Name Gift Date Amount Comment
Anonymous 8/16/2012 $6.00
Christie 8/16/2012 $6.00
Christina Barth 8/16/2012 $20.00 So excited that you leave in 9 weeks. I cannot wait to see pics of them! Love you dearly and praying for you all as you prepare to meet your boys and finally bring them home! Love you!
Anonymous 8/16/2012 $10.00 One dollar from each of our babies!! Sorry it could not be more.
Betsy Daigle 8/16/2012 $30.00
Erika D Casey-Elliott 8/16/2012 $20.00 God bless you & your growing family!! Glad I had the opportunity to give :)
Anonymous 8/16/2012 $20.00
Bailey and Wood Financial Group 8/16/2012 $1,000.00 To support one of our own Monte who one of the major reasons for our success. Let the worlds best underwriter and his great family bring the boys home!
Anonymous 8/17/2012 $3.00 We have loved following your story from the time you were first praying for your girls. Each time we read about God bringing you another step in growing from 5 to 7 and now to 10, I am filled with awe and joy. We'll be praying extra fervently now that you have a court date.
Beth Cupitt 8/17/2012 $3.00 Congratulations! Can't wait to see them home!
Corrie Urrutia 8/17/2012 $20.00 Go get those boys!!!!! :-)
Jill Daniels 8/17/2012 $3.00 May God Bless you all in your journey.
Tiffini 8/17/2012 $30.00 Love You Alexander Family!!
Heather L. 8/17/2012 $3.00 We can't wait to meet your boys!
Anonymous 8/18/2012 $3.00 Praying excitedly for your family!
Mike & Lori Gaiffe 8/18/2012 $20.00 Praying for you and all the adoption process!
Anonymous 8/19/2012 $10.00 Watching to see how God continues to bless your family. ((hugs))
Emily Cunningham 8/19/2012 $50.00 Praying for you and your family during this time! I may be in Avon for one of my nephews football games sometime in the next couple of months. If so, I'll try to meet up with you for a little bit!
Jerry Jones 8/19/2012 $21.00 Love what you are doing! Looking forward to meeting the kids one of these days.
Anna Sikorski 8/19/2012 $3.00 God Bless you during your journey to bring your family together.
Katie Reimer 8/19/2012 $20.00 Congrats! We will be praying for you!
Janet 8/20/2012 $20.00 We read about you through our friends the Burgesses. May God bless you!
Jim and Sarah Bohrer 8/20/2012 $20.00 Praying for your family. Blessings to you!
Anonymous 8/21/2012 $50.00 We love your family! Can't wait for your family to be complete! :)
Pappy Hubbard 8/21/2012 $20.00 No necklace, please. Love you guys
Anonymous 8/24/2012 $20.00
Lorna Griffin 8/24/2012 $100.00
Alaina 8/29/2012 $15.00 Many blessings as you follow the Lord's call on your family.
Anonymous 8/29/2012 $20.00
Cindy Smucker 8/29/2012 $20.00 Your willingness to be used by God to help the Ives of so many children is inspiring and humbling!
Anonymous 9/10/2012 $3.00 God bless!
Laura Herwehe 9/10/2012 $18.00 We are so blessed to watch your family obey God's call to grow by THREE, so each member of our family is donating $3. We are excitedly following your journey to your new sons!
Anonymous 9/10/2012 $10.00
Anonymous 9/10/2012 $40.00
David & Joy Riggs 9/13/2012 $20.00 Blessed to be a small part of your journey. Let us know when the airport celebration happens, we would love to witness their homecoming. ;)
Amy Grissom 9/13/2012 $25.00
Hannah Montee 9/13/2012 $25.00
Anonymous 9/14/2012 $3.00
The Kilbourns 9/14/2012 $6.00
Patricia Jackson 9/16/2012 $25.00 So thankful for your willingness to follow God's call. God bless you! Chris and Rachel Jackson's mom
Anonymous 9/16/2012 $6.00 We are praying for you all!
Tammy Austin 9/19/2012 $3.00 Good luck to you. <3
Anonymous 9/19/2012 $30.00
Lauren Gothro 10/2/2012 $20.00 I'm praying for your sweet family!!
Tyler & Heather Greene 10/3/2012 $250.00 Excited to meet the boys! We will be praying for travel safety!
Ruth, Tim, Sarah and Alexis Weldy 10/8/2012 $430.00 We love all 10 of you!