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“Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.”    James 1:27

“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness.  Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.”


When your eyes are opened to the problems of the world you can no longer sit on the sidelines.  When you feel compelled to action, you will take any measure to make an IMPACT.

Our family feels called to the cause of children in need.  Children are pure innocence and should be protected and raised in a loving and safe environment.  They should grow and understand their great value in life.  They should be loved and have all of their basic life needs met.  They should be in a stable and safe home.  They should grow to understand community and their place in this world.  They should be educated and grow into independent, responsible members of society.  They should learn to have a giving and grateful heart.  They should learn about their creator and savior.  They should enjoy freedom and should not fear oppression.  These are the basic needs for healthy development.

Unfortunately, millions of orphaned and abused children around the world will never have this experience.  It seems easy enough to think nothing will ever change this and any effort is useless.  But if you understand the Ripple Effect and the ability for small changes and small groups of people to create major changes and good deeds in this world, then you know that we are not helpless to this cause. 

In 2010 we adopted Amaya, a beautiful baby girl from Ethiopia, Africa in hopes of helping to meet this need and to change this world.  Little did we know that in fact the change that occurred was more related to the IMPACT she made on our lives’.  In fact, she changed us.  Because of this wonderful experience we have decided to return to Ethiopia in hopes of adopting another of the estimated 5 million orphans in this African nation. For more information on our adoption story and photos/videos of our family please visit our family website below.

We recently accepted the referral of a 6 month old baby boy from Ethiopia.  In approximately 3 months we will travel there for a court appointment and to meet our new son.  A few months after this we will travel back to bring him home for good!!  We hope he will be home with us some time this summer!! 

Unfortunately, the cost associated with international adoption is very high and can easily approach 25-30k.  We have already paid out a major portion of this cost and are left with the challenge of raising funds for the remaining fees and travel costs that are yet to be paid.   

We believe so strongly in adoption and also know that God will provide for us and help to ease this burden.  Now that you are up to date with our story, we would like to ask you to help us and to become a part of this love story.  And help us to provide a loving home to this baby boy!!  For more information on how you can help, please see our fundraising campaign, The Ripple Effect at the bottom of this page.  Even if you cannot help financially with a donation, we would feel blessed if you would just pray for our family and this precious baby boy through this process.  Thank you for taking the time to read our story.

With Love,

The Shepards

Scott, Sara, Kylie, Dylan, Amaya, and ........

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**Donation information can be found on the fundraiser link below**  

Ripple Effect Details

Fundraiser Information:

THE NEED:  Approximately 10k for remaining fees and travel related costs.

THE CALLING:  We are asking friends and family to make small donations of 5-10-20 dollars to our adoption fund.  Of course if you feel called to give us more we would be very grateful, in fact if 100 of you could give $100 gift then we would meet our goal!!

THE ACTION:  Make a donation to our adoption fund via this site which is attached to a PayPal account.  Click on "Donate" below if you want to help.

THE RIPPLE: After making your donation please send the link below to your friends via social media or email in order to increase the chances of meeting our goal through these small donations to our cause.  Sharing this site is key because it embraces the power of social media.  Also, we encourage you to become educated in the cause for orphans, widows, and the less fortunate in this world.

Please share this link with friends and family:     

Thank you for even considering to help us in this process.  We cannot express our gratitude!!

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Fundraiser ended on 6/15/2013.

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Donations To Ripple Effect

* Denotes Offline Donations

Name Gift Date Amount Comment
Patrick and Whitney Wilkes-Krier 3/4/2013 $20.00
Anonymous 3/4/2013 $100.00
Anonymous 3/4/2013 $10.00
Nancy Carlson 3/5/2013 $100.00
Anonymous 3/5/2013 $20.00
joe and leah warren 3/5/2013 $250.00 woo hoo!
kelly tewson 3/5/2013 $25.00 Woohoo! Glad to be a part! Thank you for living out your faith through this calling to adopt! Love u! Kelly Heise Tewson and family
Brenda & Larry Graham 3/6/2013 $100.00
Mike and Katie Collard 3/6/2013 $50.00 We are so happy for you guys! Can't wait to meet this new baby boy of yours!
Keith and Tami Flexsenhar 3/8/2013 $50.00
Angela Marlowe 3/10/2013 $25.00
amy and dan eshleman 3/10/2013 $50.00 so happy and excited for you. cant wait til we can meet her :)
Amy Lee 3/11/2013 $200.00 All the best to your and your family! So exciting :)
John & Rebecca Bryant 3/12/2013 $50.00 John 11:52 - And not only for that nation, but to bring together and unite all the children of God scattered around the world. May God richly bless your family through the impact you are making in this great act of LOVE. Love - The Bryant Family
Anonymous 3/12/2013 $50.00 So happy for you!
Nicole Agnello 3/25/2013 $100.00 Praying for your family and the baby boy :)
Anonymous 4/7/2013 $500.00
Bobbie Klang 4/8/2013 $50.00 Always thinking of you !!!! LOVE, BOBBIE
Irvin Family 4/10/2013 $250.00 So excited for your family to welcome your new son home hopefully very soon!
Anonymous 4/15/2013 $500.00 God already has every dollar you need, just wait for Him with patience and faith - those dollars are coming!
Bryan & Julie Currier 4/16/2013 $5,000.00 Thank you for living out your faith, and allowing us to have a part with you. We consider it a great privilege. We will be praying for you, go get your son...
Ryan & Esther Graham 4/26/2013 $1,000.00 We love you guys and can't think of a better cause to give to. Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. -James 1:27