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Team ZAT is a group of people brought together by two common interests:  A love (or toleration) of running and a desire to help the least of these.  We will all be running the Chicago Marathon on October 13, 2013 to raise money and awareness for children in need within the communities of Ziway and Adami Tulu, Ethiopia (Ziway + Adami Tulu = ZAT).  Your donation will go towards the Ethiopia child sponsorship program, providing education, medical care, two meals per day, love and HOPE to children enrolled in the Ziway/Adami Tulu schools.  Not only will kids be physically cared for, but they will be lovingly taught of their great worth in God's eyes.  Help us feed families spiritually through the message of hope and empowerment, aiming to keep families together in Ethiopia.


Rest assured knowing that 100% of your tax deductible donation goes directly to work in Ethiopia.  No administrative fees will be deducted and, due to a generous corporate sponsor, even Paypal fees will be covered.

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And to learn more about our work in Ethiopia and around the world, visit Lifesong for Orphans

Suz Details

Hi, I'm Suz. I have a job similar to Chandler on Friends, in that no one really knows what I do but it has something to do with numbers. I travel a lot, for work and for fun, and most of my weekdays are spent in NYC these days. I went to college in Chicago at North Park University and stayed for a while. I recently left the windy city and relocated to Kansas City, where my heart is, though Chi Town will always have a special place in my heart. I became tangibly and vividly aware of my call to love the least of these- the orphans, the widows, the fatherless, through several experiences at North Park, and through my mission trips with North Park to Quito, Ecuador and Bangkok, Thailand. Since then I've been searching for and trying to pursue all the ways in which I can do that. I have so enjoyed learning and seeing what that looks like as an extremely blessed, educated American young adult. And I started running distance after college when you no longer have team sports practice everyday and have to figure out how to stay active on your own. ;) I ran my first half marathon alone when my then-roommates Alissa and Krista tricked me into it. I have since ran miles and miles more. And love it. This will be my third time running the Chicago Marathon. I'm excited that these two passions are colliding .

Would you consider donating $.50, $1 or $2 per mile I run?
I am so thankful for your support. It will not only change lives in Ethiopia, but will keep me racing to that 26th mile.

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Fundraiser ended on 10/20/2013.

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Donations To Suz

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Name Gift Date Amount Comment
Shiloh Harlan 4/19/2013 $19.00 In honor of Cale on his 8th birthday!!!
Dwight & Jeanette Spencer 4/19/2013 $38.00 In honor of Cale's 8th birthday
Sheryl Hilburn 4/19/2013 $40.00 This donation is in honor of Cale Harlan's birthday.
Travis & Shonda Dietz 5/31/2013 $28.00 Happy 28th Suz!!!! Love your heart for the kids in Ethiopia.
Mary Jean Browne 6/1/2013 $20.00 Prayers and hope for the least of these!!!
Betty Frazier 9/14/2013 $26.00 Thankful you have a heart for the Children
The Valelas 9/17/2013 $100.00 Go Susan Go!
Anonymous 9/30/2013 $25.00
Dave and Blair Dean 10/6/2013 $75.00 Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuz! :-)
Averill McKenzie 10/10/2013 $20.00
Anonymous 10/16/2013 $300.00