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On August 5th, 2012, Carter David Brenchley was welcomed into the loving hearts of Kate and Cory. It only took a matter of moments with their new son to realize that something was wrong, very wrong. Every parent's worst nightmare quickly became their crushing reality as Carter was rushed out of the delivery room into the NICU at St. Francis Hospital. Kate and Cory waited helplessly as doctors and nurses hurried to repair the hole in Carter's lung that developed during labor because his tiny body was under too much pressure. While Carter was in the NICU, doctors discovered that not only did baby Carter have an injured lung, he also had a heart murmur.

After undergoing an echocardiogram, doctors discovered that Carter suffers from Ebstein's anomaly: a rare heart defect in which parts of the tricuspid valve are abnormal, causing a backup of blood flow, which can lead to swelling of the heart and fluid buildup in the lungs or liver. Sometimes, not enough blood gets out of the heart into the lungs, and the baby could appear blue. The condition also makes abnormal heart rhythms, blood clots, and brain abscesses possible side effects, which can all lead to sudden death. Doctors at St. Francis realized the severity of Carter's condition and immediately transferred him to Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis.

If Carter had not been born via c-section, doctors might not have caught this rare defect and performed life-saving surgery when Carter was only 19 days old. Kate and Cory are so thankful that doctors were able to give Carter a fighting chance at life. Unfortunately, this is only a temporary fix. Carter may require addition surgeries as early as his 8 week birthday.

Kate and Cory have taken almost a month off of work to be with their son at Riley Hospital, where he has been cared for. In addition to the fear of losing their son, Kate and Cory fear not being able to meet their financial obligations while still caring for their new baby. Kate and Cory not only need assistance with medical bills but also with the mounting debt accrued from being out of work. Any and all donations are appreciated to allow this new family to focus on what is most important: caring for Carter.

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Name Gift Date Amount Comment
Craig and Kristen Biehl 8/26/2012 $20.00
Aunt Stephy 8/27/2012 $100.00 I love all three of you so very much. Keep fighting, little guy.
Kelly Doerr 8/27/2012 $50.00
Jill Geasey 8/27/2012 $100.00 You're all in our thoughts!
Karen Reid 8/27/2012 $100.00 Sending love and positive thoughts to all!
Shelley and Erin Abrams 8/27/2012 $50.00 We look forward to all the adventures Carter has as he grows up. The Slinger family have been very good to us.
Carl and Judy Moffett 8/27/2012 $100.00 Love to Cory, Kate and Carter
Dennis & Sally Michaelis 8/27/2012 $50.00
Anonymous 8/27/2012 $50.00
Lauren (Miller) Grizzard 8/27/2012 $20.00 I heard about your son from Jessica Rogers' post. I'll be praying for you and your family!
Josh, Ashley & Logan Boggs 8/27/2012 $100.00
Flavio Zof 8/27/2012 $20.00 Good bless
Erin & Tom Mettee 8/28/2012 $50.00 Friends of Sandy & Spence - wishing the best for you & little Carter.
Carla Wilson 8/28/2012 $20.00 I will pray for Gods healing power to be on your son.
Juan 8/28/2012 $100.00 Best wishes to Little Carter and his family.
Janet and Roy Stowe 8/28/2012 $50.00 With love to Carter, Kate and Cory
Bryan Brown 8/29/2012 $500.00 You are all in my thoughts. Love you, b
Dennis Buis III and Family 8/29/2012 $300.00 Love you guys!!!! Can't wait to see the little guy
Amy Westberry 8/29/2012 $20.00 Love you three!
Jane Elwell 8/30/2012 $300.00 God Bless Carter. He, parents and you will stay in our prayers. Gordie and Jane
Angel and Dan Beghtel and Grandma Marge 8/31/2012 $60.00 Love you guys.
Anonymous 8/31/2012 $40.00
Brian Wilson 8/31/2012 $50.00
Anonymous 9/1/2012 $25.00
Phyllis Devine 9/5/2012 $20.00
Anonymous 9/6/2012 $100.00
leo lucero 9/10/2012 $300.00 Hope all is well.
Stacy Lee 9/14/2012 $100.00
Janet Stowe 9/14/2012 $50.00 Second installment. Love you guys.
Bill LaRue 9/23/2012 $100.00
Sarah and Ricky Masters 9/24/2012 $25.00 Praying for you guys!
Dan and Jo Cooper 9/24/2012 $25.00 God bless your family
Dean McKenzie 11/18/2012 $50.00